Tanning Bed Lease

Are you planning to establish a tanning salon and start a tanning bed lease business of your own? Tanning bed lease is becoming a popular business these days as many people want to tan up color of their skin by the means of tanning bed.

If you are interested to start a tanning bed lease business, then we will show you how.

Tanning Bed Lease as a Money-Spinning Business

At the present time, tanning the skin can be possible without getting under the heat of the sun by using tanning equipment known as “tanning bed” (also referred as sunbed). This only means that you don’t need to go out and stay under the sun just to make your skin’s color darker or wait for sunny days for this reason. Once you have this modern tanning equipment, you can also use it for a living and start a business of your own through Tanning Bed Lease.

Tanning beds vary in their sizes. Smaller versions of this equipment are primarily for home use while the bigger ones are commonly used by tanning salons. The cost of the equipment ranges from at least less than a thousand dollar for home tanning beds and can be costly up to $10,000.00 with higher specs and suitable for commercial use. Since a lot of individuals are fond of tanning their skin, the tanning bed lease business is a nice option to generate profit to your family or be a full-time business owner.

Tips to Start a Tanning Bed Leasing Business

If you already have a tanning bed at your home and you think there’s enough space to set up a home tanning salon then you can start a tanning bed lease home business at once. But the business is good as full time and often you will see tanning salons in strip malls to attract more clients and have ample space for accommodating bigger clientele.

However, if you’re just starter in the business then following these tips will help you to begin with.

  • Start-up Capital

Owning a tanning salon will require you to have a start-up capital that may range up to $100,000.00 depending on the size of your business. The biggest part of your expenditure is purchasing the tanning equipment, but you can save on your budget and have more benefits when you opt leasing the equipment. Many companies are offering great deals when you lease the equipment with them, yet your other option is to buy it in full cash or look for financing or SBA loans.

  • Choosing the best equipment

High-quality tanning equipment can be expensive but this will provide better service to your clients rather than purchasing cheaper equipment then have big troubles in the future.

  • Location hunt

The location of the business is a big factor towards your success, you should have ample space for housing the tanning equipment and the customers are comfortable with the place.

  • Staffing the business.

You should hire your staff to help you in running your tanning salon, particularly a well-trained tanning bed operator.


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