Storage Auction Business

Recently, TV shows have created a buzz regarding the opportunity of getting profit and making easy money through a storage auction business. It is true because many people are now gaining profit from this new field of business.

However, in case of first timers, there are some methods or techniques that you have to keep in mind, meaning there are some things that you need to consider when you are planning to run an auction business.

  • Capital for Business

    Perhaps you already know this fact. This is because for any business, capital plays an important role because it is your basis to start your business. First, you need to start to sort your assets. You can either sell some things, so that you can able to get profit from it and save your new found money for your storage auction business. Thus is important because the money that you have will be the “life blood” of your business, so do not spend it all for your bills. It would be very helpful if you can get certain percentage of your earnings each month, so that you can able to have extra cash. Unexpected expenses typically arise in any business, which is an advantage if you have extra cash on your pocket.

  • Hire a Truck or Trailer

    Hiring a trailer or truck is one of the important factors of your storage facility if you wanted to clean up\ the stuffs in no time. It would be nice to hire a flatbed trailer for the reason that you could load it easily. The downside is you need to tie everything, but unloading them makes it very easy. You will also require blankets, tie downs, bungee cords and a dolly to protect your new goodies from any damage as you move them.

  • Have a Place to Store and Sort Inventory

    If you have a car garage, it would be nice to use it for you to clear not the stuffs. During winter you can simply put a heater and use cooler during summer season for your comfort ability while you do inventory. Storage auction area is very important, so that you have a place for you to do your inventory easily. But if you don’t have a garage, maybe you can ask a friend to help you get storage unit for your business.

  • Choose the Items Carefully

    When you buy stuffs from auction do not just busy it because they are cheap. It is also very important choose an item that has have a value to customers. Don’t just purchase an item that is low in price because you cannot able to sell them eventually. Some of the ideal items are collectibles, jewelry and guns as well as other items valuable. Maybe you can run a thrift store or swap meet each weekend. By this you can increase your profit on your business.


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