Steps to Become Sewing Instructor

Sewing is an art that is pursued by a lot of people in society, especially women. It is also important for one to learn how to sew, since it is useful even in today’s modern times.

Who else can best help them to achieve that skill, but a sewing instructor? Here’s how one can become a sewing instructor and help other people.

Sewing is one of those industries that has endured even through the rapid modernization and improvements in the technology these days. In fact, sewing machines themselves have evolved through time. These days, you can use sewing machines that are run by computer processors and are able to churn out designs faster and easier than what it used to be before. They say, with these machines, anyone can sew.

While that much is true, sewing is in itself an art. It requires more than the mere knowledge of how to embroider and sew designs into the fabric; it requires one to have a good eye for sewing and knowledge for the procedure. Hence, it is not just learned by oneself, but under the tutelage of a sewing instructor.

This means that sewing instructors are currently in demand. Anyone can take advantage of this demand. Here are the things that they should be able to accomplish before they can teach sewing to anyone:

  • Proper Training: Like mentioned earlier, sewing is an art. In order to teach, you should be proficient enough in the field to become a teacher. You can qualify by taking a course in the many sewing schools that you can find in your area. Once you’re done with this, you know now the many skills and techniques that you can teach to other people who want to learn how to sew.
  • Equipment: Of course, you need the necessary equipment in order to become a sewing teacher. This is especially true when you are teaching online, since online learning is the trend nowadays. Equipment would include a sewing machine and maybe a webcam, a videocam and a computer microphone.
  • Shop: Unless you plan to teach in a university, you also need to have your own shop where you will give your lessons to your students. It can be your basement, or a spare room in your house. If you plan on having a lot of students, then you can think about leasing some space outside your home to serve as your shop cum classroom.

Online Teaching

In the old days, when people want to learn something, they go to a school and enroll themselves. After being enrolled, they then try to faithfully abide by their schooling schedules until they finish the entire course. However, it can put a strain to their professional lives especially when they are having a job together with their schooling.

Hence, the rise in online teaching. You, whether you’re a teacher or a student, should understand the advantages of such a choice:

  • First you don’t have to leave your house. All you need is just a video camera to film your lessons and broadcast them in the Internet.
  • Second, there’s no definite schedule to follow. You just broadcast your videos and your students will access them on their own time.
  • Third, you can find more students easily using the Internet.


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