“Starting Your Own Money Lending Business”
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  • Zahid Punjani said on August 19, 2013
    Hello I am Zahid from Kampala, Uganda. As i am Indian and looking to top up more finance for my business. If anyone interested to lend me money with good percentage of interest please let me know. As i dont have security but can assure u the guarantee of my stock. Thanks +256758479737
  • Gaspar said on September 7, 2013
    Can an LGU (province, city, municipality) in the Philippines engage in money lending business to finance livelihood projects of government employees and cooperatives? Thanks
  • mvulane said on September 9, 2013
    I want to start a money lending business, so I need the whole process on how to get started with whole process including the obtaining the certificate. I am residing in South Africa in the free state province. Thank you
  • Emmy Kabangira said on September 11, 2013
    I'm located in Kampala Uganda-E.Africa, i'm in the process of acquiring a license for money lending but how do i ensure that my money is paid back with interest in time agreed with borrowers?
  • Lazarus Boyce said on September 18, 2013
    I would like to start this Business in the city.
  • mpumi said on September 19, 2013
    Hi I live in south Africa i want to start money lending business. Can you please send me information on steps and requirements and where to get license for my cash loan business
  • Dylan said on September 21, 2013
    How do I start my own money lending business in SA? Where do I get a license and what do I need to get one? Amanzimtoti, Durban. Any advice welcome on Dylburn@gmail.com
  • Dikeledi said on September 24, 2013
    I would like to open a money lending business, I would like to go on smaller scale meaning short term loans. please advise what are the requirements and how much I must have. currently I have a registered CK and SARS DOC in place. please advise
  • SUNNY said on September 24, 2013
  • Goodman said on September 26, 2013
    I would to start my own lending business in South africa,where do I apply for license and what all requirements. Thank for your help.
  • randy said on October 8, 2013
    andres.randy11@gmail.com. May I get advised on the steps required to operate money lending in the philippines and legalizing it to. Kindly send me guidelines for starting and managing a money lending business.
  • Mbongiseni said on October 9, 2013
    hi i'm already started the money lending hut nowbi need a license here in South Africa please assist me I need to be a big company please tell me where can I go, thanx you can contact me even on whatsapp 0737249751
  • S. jain said on October 11, 2013
    I am having very good business plan.. feel free to contact me for detailed. shreyans.jain10@gmail.com 9651406998.
  • Denver said on October 17, 2013
    Good Day, I'd like to start a small cash loan business and would like to know where do I start first, should I also require a NCR certificate regarding this
  • kenneth kalwete said on October 23, 2013
    is safe to run this kind of business
  • Smangle said on October 28, 2013
    good day am from South Africa Gauteng I want to start money lending business, please help me all requirements for this business and how do I go about starting money lending business. your help will be highly appreciated. regards
  • Betty said on October 30, 2013
    Hi! I wana start a lending business in rural area where i situated how do i start? where do i register my business? What are my advantage and disadvantage for it especial in an area i live in
  • kelly said on November 4, 2013
    Hello I need 3000 pounds asap. I'm a single mum who works full time but lost my mum and dad a few months back and got behind with rent etc so now we are being evicted. I can afford the monthly repayments . I'm in the uk, if anyone can help me I will be gratefully. kellxxxxx@yahoo.co.uk
  • Marius said on November 8, 2013
    Good day, My name is Marius from South Africa. I'm starting a small private money Payday lending business where I lend out money (max 2-10 deals a month). The whole idea is that I'm using my own capital, no banks involve, no attorneys, no legal matters only a written agreement between myself and the borrower. I make use of a debit order system and approve clients before a can assist them with a loan. If the client do not pay, well this is my lost because this is a private payday loan business. My question is, DO I HAVE TO REGISTERED AT THE NCR FOR LICENSE for above statement. Can someone assist me with a answer. Contact no: 073 2199 207 or email: loanspecialist@webmail.co.za. Thank you
  • Sibusiso Mncina said on November 11, 2013
    I'm in Swaziland looking for funds to start a pre-packaging business. I want to pre-pack among other things, rice, sugar, sugar beans, peanuts etc. I've got a company registered and obtained all the relevant trading licenses. I'm open for partnership and i'm looking for R500 000 to start the business. My contacts are: vincent.mncina@ymail.com
  • Eugene adams said on November 12, 2013
    Hi, i am looking to start my own money lending business.. i currently have 6 people looking for loans
  • monosi said on November 19, 2013
    I am looking to start this type of business in Gauteng, Roodepoort,, which channels must I follow to legalise my business, please advice me.
  • Gee said on November 24, 2013
    I am in Kenya. I have done a feasibility study on lending and would like to start this business from January 2014. I want to approach it in a very unique way and before people know it I am the next Equity Bank. I currently have some little capital and I want serious partners.
  • David Cotterill said on November 25, 2013
    I want to set up a payday loan business in the UK. What qualifications/official register do I need to loan people? What are the terms/conditions best used by other lenders? Regards Dave
  • william said on November 28, 2013
    would like advises on where to go and how to start my own money lending business
  • Micheline said on November 28, 2013
    Hi, I am looking for 150,000.00 asap as I need to purchase inventory for my two used car dealership. If anyone can help me establish this by Dec 2-3 2013 that would be great. Serious respondent only No scams. I do not have time to waste.
  • Mr Wilson James said on November 30, 2013
    Hello to everyone on this site, I am from Spain and I want to recommend the effort of One glober World Capital is a vibrant company to help individuals who are in need of financial crises and help them achieve their goals in life. I was in need of a loan to buy car and to pay my house rent, I contacted them, and today I got my loan in my bank account, so I want you all to contact them and stop contacting does other loan lender, glober World Capital is a legitimate loan company, so contact them now, globerworldcapital@hotmail.com. thanks, carolina fernando
  • nigel thomas said on December 8, 2013
    hi, i'm interested in starting my own money lending business and would appreciate advice and knowledge regarding legal set up, application forms for customers, credit checking options etc. i already worked in this field and would be interested to hear from like minded people in the u.k.
  • titus lambani said on December 17, 2013
  • ARLYN said on December 24, 2013
    i am from philippines and just started doing my own money to lend to people in my place. i started with 30k with 5% monthly. Currently my investment is going up to 115k since the demand is high. My concern now is i havent go to register to legalize my business. what is the legal document that i need to do this. i am looking forward for this business to legalize and in future to be successful.
  • Andy said on December 28, 2013
    Seeking partner from Singapore to commence money lending business. andyviji@yahoo.com.au
  • Bethuel said on January 1, 2014
    I'm based in Limpopo Province at the Town called Thohoyandou. I really need get more information on lending money to people. I'm ready to start early January. My contact details is as follows: 0790803133
  • Shane said on January 4, 2014
    Hey have been lending out money to friends and family for the past 16 months. Aye am based in Northen Ireland. How do you get a license to operate legally so aye can do everything above board, An registered myself as a small loan business. Thanks
  • Suneida Begg said on January 10, 2014
    hello, can i have more information on how to start up such a business? thank you
  • Abel Chendamudima said on January 12, 2014
    Are you looking for a partner in this venture? I am an ex - banker who has worked in a short term lending section of a commercial bank. I have banking experience which extends from 1976 to 2010. I have ideas and knowledge on how best to run a micro lending business. Please contact me for further details and discussion. Regards, Abel
  • Sneed said on January 12, 2014
    I'm looking to start an online payday loan biz. in California can you please send info on where the best research material for this venture?
  • sandile mvubu said on January 15, 2014
    any person who can give the info that where do i apply for money lending. plz contact me on 0844891186 or send n email to sandilemvubum@gmail.com
  • sandile mvubu said on January 15, 2014
    where do i apply for money lending license here in South Africa? plz help 0844891186 or email sandilemvubum@gmail.com
  • Nobu said on January 17, 2014
    I want to know more on how to start a money lending company, I want to start small. Where do I start? please help.
  • Masereka Eric said on January 20, 2014
    I would like to start money lending business in Kasese, Uganda. I have carried out needs assessment for its operation. Kindly support me with start up fund and guidelines for proper management. Thanks, Masereka Eric
  • Sonty said on January 24, 2014
    HI, I would like to start a money lending business, I have a capital of R100 000. Please help how to start up the business and requirements. In Gauteng South Africa
  • hari shetty said on January 26, 2014
    I wanna open a small scale money lending business in kalyan, maharastra ,india help me with the license required to operate the business and rbi norms
  • Peter watters said on January 29, 2014
    I live in Co. Roscommon Rep. of ireland. I am 34 male and single. I am a homeowner, car and boat owner. I have disposable income of 190€ per week. i have no bank account or credit card. I am in urgent need of a loan of 1000€ within 48 hours from any lender willing to help me. i will consider all offers and interest rates. I eagerly await a reply. yours sincerely, Peter. mobile : 0894311573. please ring at anytime
  • carlos ghassemlou said on January 30, 2014
    how can i start a money lending business
  • glaiza said on February 14, 2014
    i'm glaiza from philippines, i want to start internet cafe business which very popular and demand in my area and even anywhere, but i had no enough capital,(i need Php 300,000 00 / or any)i need investor who willing to invest money for this kind of business..pls contact me asap 09061680742 or email me glaizabaculio@gmail.com
  • KIPLIMO ABEL said on February 21, 2014
    I am from Eldoret. Kenya. and currently planing to start lending business very soon. because i am working as and m.pesa agent and Kinyozi, and seen this as a good idea for me. I search for this information since i had seen and opportunity hiven before. my customers ask me to lend money for them. much thanks for good advice.
  • Brenda said on February 24, 2014
    Hi Guys, I'm from Cebu City, Philippines, I am an Accountant by profession and I would like to open a small lending company with minimal interest that can cater to all kinds of people, please help me find someone who can partner with me for an additional capital. Lending Business here in the Philippines is very much in demand. Email me at flor.dada@yahoo.com for anyone interested, no scams please. This is a genuine offer. Thank you and more power. Looking forward =)
  • Rajesh said on March 8, 2014
    sir, i need cash loan, can you help me, pl tell me term and conditions and rate of interest , i am in india email id- sainirajesh287@yahoo.com or call us 9216235687, 9216335687. regards, saini
  • BERNICE PADAYACHEE said on March 19, 2014
    i am in bloemfontein at present but am planning to relocate to my family in pretoria and would like to use my pension money to open a cash loan business. i would like to start small. how do i register and how do i just go about this, am planning on moving in july
  • Nkosikhona said on March 24, 2014
    I'm in Richards Bay and interested in money lending business, I would like to follow the right procedure. Can you please give the direction.
  • dave said on April 24, 2014
    durban ,south africa..where can i register my company..i am already in d business
  • tshepo said on May 1, 2014
    hi, how do i get license to run this money lending business in South Africa and how to do debit orders on the clients
  • Sajal Kumar Saha said on May 2, 2014
    Sir/Madam, I want to start a small scale money lending business in the rural areas of WB in India. How will I get legal permission and what minimum capital should I require?
  • Joy said on May 3, 2014
    Good day, Hi I'm here n UAE I want loan for my business I needed capital for my business here in UAE pls contact me on +971 552771924 or email me maryjoymesias@yahoo.com. Thank you n the best regards
  • prakash said on May 3, 2014
    How to start business broker firm money lender against property what license and which license required and from where it get send me all details. I hv to start my own independent.
  • sunil said on May 4, 2014
    i need some funds for my new ventures in NEW DELHI INDIA. I have around 35 new projects to be waiting for the funds .
  • molina john said on May 16, 2014
    I'm starting my small lending business here in the Philippines. as of now it is doing fine :-). can you give me another strategies and techniques on how to maintain the effectiveness of my business.
  • balej said on May 20, 2014
    Hello, Let me ask you if you need financing is still valid. If yes please let me know well your need for am willing to bring you my support. contact: f.balej @ laposte.net A read you very cordially.
  • Vasos Georgiou said on May 22, 2014
    Is there a bank in London that would open a new business account for a Money Lending Business? Regards, Vasos
  • Lupita Urquiza said on June 6, 2014
    Hi, can you please help me the steps I need to take to build my lending company? I'm in California. Thanks.
  • rockson mensah otabil said on June 6, 2014
    i have prepared my business plan for money laundering but need an investor to work with am in ghana. rocksonkojomensahotabil@yahoo.com, 00233505110391
  • Griselda Avila said on June 10, 2014
    Hi, I'm Griselda. I would like to open small money lender business here in South of California. And I would like to know the regulations licenses and all that is needed to operated correctly. The business will be located in Van Nuys CA. I really appreciated your help! Thank you!
  • Leon said on June 11, 2014
    Just started up a small consulting business and am wanting to know the best way to get a start up loan. Am based in NZ, leonmac@live.com
  • PAPA ENIN said on June 21, 2014
    I have a very good start up with money lending business in Ghana and already have six pilot offices across the country. Have less capital available to meet over 450 demands on request. we are ready to offer good percentage % to any investor who likes the deal. Payment are guaranteed and there is no risk. We also offer legal surety to the investor to be secured. You can reach us on 00233244726469 westcampconsultancy@ymail.com
  • edwin said on June 26, 2014
    hello! can i please get more information on registering a money lending business.
  • edwin said on June 26, 2014
    i'm based in south africa, limpopo province and i would like to start up a money lending business. can u please take me through the steps to be followed in registering the business.
  • pushpinder panchal said on June 28, 2014
    con with me for the legal body for money lending business. act area work. nature .scope and etc
  • Joseph said on June 29, 2014
    I'm also have a proper plan and office to open money lending business but I don't know the process of registering my business. I need help, my email is joesono12@webmail.co.za. I will appreciate any input.
  • raj said on July 4, 2014
    Hello, I am from delhi. I have very good plan for plan. any person who invest 5 crore rupee so please contact. I am very hard working and truthful person. my email -rajeshkumar198136@gmail.com
  • Anand Chandak said on July 6, 2014
    I want to start money lending business in Akola, Maharashta, India. Please guide in licensing process & from where I would get the license.
  • Dennis said on July 23, 2014
    I would like start a lending business in Nairobi, Kenya. I need help in a write up and how to run the business. I have a capital of Kes 20M. if you can help please email me on dkinyua@gmail.com
  • antonio cooper said on July 23, 2014
    Portsmouth va 23701 I need to know how much money it cost to start a small lending business
  • KAMOTHO said on July 24, 2014
    what is the legality of starting such a business in Kenya. Kindly advise. Thank you
  • rez said on July 25, 2014
    Do we need to register in DTI? because, DTI won't allow us to register if the lending business is single proprietorship? Do we skip that and directly go to BIR instead? DTI is so cruel, in business is lending and you are sole owner. We are willing to pay our tax and operate a legal business.
  • marshel heini seedat said on August 21, 2014
    I want to start a money lending business that will primarily service council employees. Any advice
  • chichi said on August 26, 2014
    Am so fascinated to discover such a insightful forum like this. please do help me with info on the legality evolving this money laundering .cmuchenje53@gmail.com
  • niwamanya godfrey said on August 30, 2014
    am in uganda i want to start but i do not know the procedures please help me
  • Mandar said on August 30, 2014
    my name is Mandar. i am situated in Kalyan[Mumbai], India. i want to start my own business in kalyan[Mumbai]. i don't have start up capital. i need a loan of about Rs150,000 but i don't have any collateral security & income proof. an investor please contact me on 09167693730 or e-mail me at mandar.more255@rediffmail.com
  • wagor goodness said on September 10, 2014
    i have been planing on how to sart up micro leading business in nigeria, and dont really know how to go about it, can some body help me out,by giving me some necessary information to go about it please.
  • Gordon Rwegira said on September 11, 2014
    Dear readers! money lending is a good business that can make a lot of profits under good record keeping. You can start with any amount and be selective in giving out cash. Official license may be necessary as the business grows to help you deal with stubborn clients.
  • clapos timire said on September 14, 2014
    I am in Redcliff Zimbabwe and i want to start a money lending business. May i know the possible starting capital for the business. what are the requirements to obtain the money lending license and where do i get it?
  • ngolwa said on September 23, 2014
    I have managed to raise a bit of capital to start my own lending business here in zambia but I am lacking the courage to start because i am scared of being swiddled out of my hard earned cash. Please, can anyone out there advise me.
  • Teboho Mavuso said on October 8, 2014
    I want to start a money lending business, so I want to know where do I start or register, where can I get loan,
  • Gugu Maziya said on October 10, 2014
    I would like to know that where can I get the lending certificate around south africa
  • Lepolesa August Sechache said on October 10, 2014
    My boss want to open money lending business I doing a research about the business. She want to put me in charge in this particular line of business. All I need to do is to convince her that I have got what I takes make to a success. how to ensure that our clients pay back their loans should we keep some of their furnishes and give them back to them after their loans are fully paid up. Please give some tips on how to present My research .Please explain this terms :credit card. personal loan, check cashing, From Lesotho, payday advance
  • abbey said on October 11, 2014
    Hi can I get help on how to register and get a proper license on a lending money business please I searched almost every were, i am originated in south Africa, north west
  • olu said on October 21, 2014
    Please how do i get a license to start this money borrowing business in Ibadan Nigeria. And what are the processes involved. Thanks.
  • vishaal said on October 28, 2014
    Dear sir or madam, I Mr Vishaal autar. i'm looking for a business partner. I planning open an motel. I'm from Fiji suva, 100% profit . Call me. 9717866........
  • Elias said on November 2, 2014
    Hi there, all in South Africa can contact me to set their starting platform in lending environment. I am a registered lender who collects via debit orders (NAEDO). Perfectly successful business. All legal requirements. Regulating bodies and Credit bureaus. Don't waste time. Act now. If you would like to do legitimacy test, you are welcomed i can provide you with the registration numbers to confirm.
  • Haridas said on November 6, 2014
    hi i am haridas from kerala people who are interested to invest around 7 crore for a pharmaceutical wholesale distribution with a monthly return of 2,50000 profit and monthly sales of 80,00,000 plus can contact me immediately my no is 08714435897. or mail me to haridaskallekkad@gmail.com thank you
  • Johannes Nkopa said on November 11, 2014
    I would like to start buses company, I am a government employee I have nothing at this moment stay at Botshabelo in Bloemfontein, I need any help or how bought franchise in any bus company. My details are as follows : 0735086859
  • ngolwa said on November 26, 2014
    At last, I have managed to start my money lending business. Just like one of you advised, it is a business which does not require minimum capital. You can start with any amount. I have lent out, what is remaining now is to see the repayment patterns and make adjustments here and there. If all goes well, I am sure I will be making good money.
  • Sebastian Adms said on November 29, 2014
    Hi I see a huge gap in the market for money lending business especially in south africa in our townships banks are getting strictly and other companies starting to lend money, how can I obtain a license in south Africa and get the right tools to start this business legally. Thanks!
  • Hannie Marques said on December 1, 2014
    Good day, I live in Gauteng South Africa. I want to start up a money lending business and have many questions such as: What licenses and how much capital do I need and where do I get the license. What collateral do I need from the borrowers. What kind of interest do I charge. How do I secure that the borrowers will pay me and what do I do to get my money back if they don't pay me. Please explain what the best way is to start a successful money lending business. Can you perhaps supply me a email address or telephone number where I can ask some questions. Thank you, Hannie Marques, +27 0837708173, marques@telkomsa.net
  • Dawn Hulley said on December 10, 2014
    My domestic wants to start a money lending business in the township where she stays and wants to know what she needs to do before starting to operate.
  • Tim S said on December 12, 2014
    Looking to start a lending club type of business in China, where do I start?
  • Harmandeep Singh said on December 16, 2014
    Kindly guide, while lending money to our customers, what id the best security. I mean how can we assure that customer will pay our money back in time. What things can we get in security. Regards Harmandeep singh
  • Fred said on December 29, 2014
    I operate a small Money Lending business (licensed) located in Port Harcourt Nigeria. We need a software suitable for our business. Can I get info from anyone. Send to wiseheartslimited@gmail.com
  • Johnna Puliran said on January 1, 2015
    Hi, My name is Johnna Puliran, I wanted to venture this kind of business here in Los Angeles California. My husband and I came up with this idea because we have housekeeping and caregiving agency and we are paying our caregivers and housekeepers every two weeks but most of the time, because of some financial necessity they always do cash advance which I do not want to practice in our office. I hate giving cash advance not unless necessary coz they lost their interest working coz they don't have money left when their pay period comes. So, with that idea we would like to help them pay whatever money they want to borrow in a way that they could still bring money home. Meaning, we can do payment plan which is affordable but of course their will be an interest. In fact, if this will work we are planning to do this, not only to our caregivers and housekeepers but globally. Please give me some tips on how to do it especially that we are planning to do all of the transactions online since we will start this as home type of lending business and have an office hopefully in the future. thank you so much and happy new year!
  • Mthandeni Mahlaba said on January 4, 2015
    I would like to start amoney lending business,how can i start?


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