Starting Palm Tree Business

To start a palm tree business, you must know the planting and growth requirements. Palms thrive in tropical areas, but you must pick suitable varieties if you live in a cold region.

With patience and proper care, you can make lots of money from the palms.

Starting Your Own Palm Tree Business

Do you live in a region where the temperature is around 15˚C or 59˚F? This is the ideal place to grow palms, and did you know you can make a lot of money from it? You need to be aware that palm trees love tropical regions, although there are times when they can tolerate colder areas. Among the popular varieties are Dwarf Sugar Palm, Bismarck Palm, and the Chinese Windmill Palm; these can grow in colder regions. Aside from that, you can also grow Parlour Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Raphia Palm, and Kentia Palm.

Do you want to grow palms? If you are passionate about growing trees, this is a great way to earn significant profits. The reason why a lot of people love palm trees is because it requires little maintenance. When you know the growth requirements of palm trees, you will find it easier to care for them. Thanks to the internet, you can now see the needed information to help you grow quality palms that you can sell in the market. If you have available land space and the region is ideal for increasing palms, this is your chance.

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Growing Palms

Unlike other trees, palms don’t need pruning. The tree will look tidy by simply removing the spent fronds. Sometimes, you may need to cut out the ‘suckers’ and water the tree weekly. You need to find a fertilizer that contains high amounts of potassium, manganese, magnesium, and iron. You can grow palms from seeds; when they are big enough, you can now transplant them. Transplanting is ideal during the tree’s growth season, usually early spring. Take note of the size of the rootball of the palm, and the hole should be twice as large. For the initial month, you have to water the palm profusely. Regular watering should resume after 1-2 months, and add fertilizer.

During winter, you have to protect the palm trees from the frost. You need to wrap the trunk with bubble wrap and don’t forget to mulch it. The gestation period of the seeds is a bit long. The Kentia Palk usually takes 2-3 years before developing the shoots. You must soak the seeds for 24 hours after removing the fleshy covering. The open sources are ideal for planting. Grow a seed-raising mix inside a greenhouse or by the window sill. Start growing palms today, and in a few months, you can now sell them.


  • abdi said on August 16, 2010
    hey i am very interesting to read about palm trees i have 1200 hector land in my country ethiopia its tropical weather, but i don't have money to invest on it what u guys advice me? i need really some body to help me ..
  • Pai said on September 13, 2010
    Abdi - contact me at and we can talk about your project.
  • Caretta Myers said on December 2, 2010
    I live in Jamaica - tropical climate - and I'm really interesting in growing palms as an additional way to earn income. There's actually a wet land near to my home and a lot of palm trees are there that I see on the boulevards in the cities. How can I grow the different varieties mentioned in your article?
  • Randy Lee Thomason said on April 25, 2011
    I live in Douglasville, GA. in the U.S. I'm currently growing 10 different kind of palm trees in my yard, with no winter protection. There are several more that will live here also, I just don't have them yet. I've been researching and growing palm trees for over 20yrs. I know a couple palm tree farm owners in Florida, Alabama and California, where I can get them fairly cheap and about any size. I want to start buying them in big sizes, in bulk(wholesale)and reselling and installing them for homeowners around Atlanta,GA. I can explain to the buyers how to take care of them till they get established and long term. I could also offer a maintenance plan. Where I will come to there houses and cover them if need be in winter, spray them if they get a fungi's disease and also fertilize them. I can also trim them up for them when need be. Basically I can take care of there palms if they cant or just don't want to. I would sell this separately as a maintenance plan. I can get them cheap,20ft plus sizes down to 4 or 6ft sizes,and a lot of different varieties.I just need financial help to get started.
  • Mgbanya jude said on August 30, 2011
    As i have said am jude studying Agricultural economics management and extension at EBSU .my business location is my empty 2 hectares of land which i want 2 use to nurse palm seeds i.e the one for red oil. i need an assistance from any where. i will like to transplant them to my community Umuhuali in Ishielu local government of Ebonyi state in Nigeria after the nursery in my town. Through that Ebonyi state will be noticed as oil producing state. i will like to start with 1000 seeds.
  • Christina said on March 1, 2012
    Do you have the sample of Business Plan for Cattle Grazing in Oil Palm Business?
  • Vissarut Chaosounngam (MIKE) said on April 24, 2012
    hey pai i'm mike living in thailand. seem like u are interested about investing ..would u mind if i could email U my information n numbers..looking forward to your reply
  • Lonnie said on May 28, 2012
    i live in jackson Alabama how well will growing trees do
  • vinayak wadwadgi said on July 18, 2012
    i want to do the business of palm trees, i am so much interested in this field but me not having proper land to built this business in karnatak, belgaum district. if i got some one to support, i am ready to work with them. so u can contact by above mail or call to my number 09845656341.
  • bo said on November 14, 2012
    I'm looking to start a palm tree business. How can i purchase a lot of them at a discount price
  • Oliver Nnajiofor said on December 3, 2012
    I want to start a palm tree plantation precisely into red oil plantation cos I have been into selling red oil for along time ,now I really want to start producing by myself. i really need advise and guideline on how to go into it cos I have not done plantation before. i have some hectares of land in imo state Nigeria is a tropical region.
  • Rose said on January 29, 2013
    I'm buying a property in Florida that has a palm tree farm on part of the land. It's only about 5 acres. So, I'm wondering if we can manage this ourselves or if I should hire someone to take care of it. Also, what would be a typical salary for someone managing this type of business.
  • P Douglas said on February 17, 2013
    Want to start palm tree farm I have 80 acres want to get info on getting started lower Alabama area thanks
  • eze emmanuel said on April 12, 2013
    Well, I want to start the oil palm business at Enugu State. I need pieces of advice from you about how I will go about ensuring a sustainable development of my country through the support of the government of my country. when the said business has been entrenched completely.
  • Onuh vincent said on July 2, 2013
    I want to invest on palm tree business in Enugu state Nigeria, for palm oil production! Pls. I need urgent reply of advices on how and where to start, thanks.
  • Balogun Ayoola said on February 19, 2014
    Please, kindly advice me on How to go about planting palm-tree successfully on a piece of land.
  • charles said on February 22, 2014
  • charles said on February 22, 2014
    if you are serious. just add me on my Skype name charles11_31. better land with rich soil
  • jacob adebayo ojewale said on March 21, 2014
    My business location is Ogbomoso in oyo state of Nigeria and a specialty in cassava production in about five hactres of land. Right now am planing to go into palm trees plantation. Your support is highly needed in this project. Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.
  • Gary said on July 6, 2014
    I have a small palm farm in Chumphon Thailand and am looking for a plan on how to properly fertilize the trees (5years old). What is the best fertilizer to use / how frequently do you apply / how much should you apply per rai
  • sygmon stubbs said on August 17, 2014
    hi, I want to begin a palm farm in the Nassau, Bahamas. how well would palm tolerate our temperature, I have contacts in Florida where I can purchase well develop palm in a variety. I need advice on how to properly set up this farm and planting procedures. thanks
  • Anzuruni B. Malisawa said on September 4, 2014
    Hey, find that every one here is interested in planting palm but on my side. i want to cultivate Fresh Fruits and Vegetables but lack financial support. Any one interested in this business we can make it in Ruberizi, Uvira-South Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo. Please contact me +243-852-899494 or E-mail:
  • MorganR said on February 5, 2015
    I am looking for a large quantity of palm trees that can withstand warm temperatures. Send me an email at
  • Marcelo said on September 28, 2015
    I'm about to buy a 20 acres land in South Florida that has a palm tree farm on part of the land. I would like to have your advise about keeping the palm tree business or move to an alternative product. I also need your financial data to carry the palm tree business. thanks.
  • Jacob M. Corneh said on February 14, 2016
    I have 75 acres of land in Bomi County, Republic of Liberia, West Africa, on which I want to start a palm tree farm; the problems are I facing are:
    1) I do not have money to start this business and
    2) I do not have the technical knowledge on farming.
    With respect to the above, I need your assistance to start the palm tree business . Many thanks in advance.
  • Akinwale said on February 21, 2016
    I also want to start a palm tree business, there's land and capital, how do I go about it.
  • AAKSHAT SHARMA said on February 23, 2016
    Please, kindly advice me on How to go about planting palm-tree successfully on a piece of land.
  • Paul A. Ogbeide said on February 26, 2016
    We have available palm tree plantations on 800 hectares of land at Erinmope, Ekiti State, Nigeria owned by Late High Chief (DR) Idowu Davies Ogbeide (DAVOG) which is available for long term lease. Interested buyer should contact: Paul Ayodele Ogbeide (SON) on +2348060757844 or +2348075940486 and email for further details. Thanks.
  • Paul A. Ogbeide said on February 26, 2016
    For any kind of business investments on the Agricultural, constructions, Real Estates, Oil & Gas etc within Nigeria. Kindly contact: Paul Ayodele Ogbeide on +2348060757844 or +2348075940486 and email
  • Trish said on March 21, 2016
    Hi I live in South Texas and bought property with 7 greenhouses and would love to put them to good use with growing palm trees what are the best to grow in my area?
  • Millie Wanjiru said on June 17, 2016
    My name is Millie. Am interested with this business, please advice. Charles, can I join you. Am in kenya, riftvalley.
  • Stephanie said on July 9, 2016
    Looking for information on starting a palm tree farm in south Florida.
  • MONIR said on November 4, 2016
    I have 10 acres of land in Khulna, Bangladesh. suitable for Palm tree business. if anyone interested, please contact me @16477059491
  • Tom said on December 31, 2017
    Hi - on the website, how can I respond to a comment that I see posted? Some smart people are including their email address, but others are not. I want to respond to @Jacob M. Corneh who is in Bomi County, Republic of Liberia, West Africa. Thank you, TJ.
  • James expert adviser said on January 18, 2018
    @Tom, just use the '@' before the name in your reply. Our system will send a notification to him.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Jacob M. Corneh said on May 26, 2019
    I have 75 acres of land in Bomi County, Republic of Liberia, West Africa, on which I want to start a palm tree farm; the problems I am facing are:
    1) I do not have money to start this business and
    2) I do not have the technical knowledge of farming.
    With respect to the above, I need your assistance to start the palm tree business. Many thanks in advance.
  • Alfred said on December 14, 2019
    Hi my name..Alfred I need the palm seeds
  • Pat oko said on November 3, 2021
    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the application of fertilizer. How frequently should I apply it throughout the year? Additionally, I wonder if it is necessary to obvious all the grass on my farm. My trees are currently bearing fruits and are approximately 43 months old. Thank you for your help.
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