Starting Organic Salmon Farming

The industry of organic salmon farming is growing with significance in global commercialism these days. Organic means using the traditional methods of farming or upbringing food products like salmon that does not use artificial methods. If you are interested to enter the industry of organic salmon farming, it is very significant to have the right understanding and education before you can start on this venture.

Salmon is not just an ordinary fish it is worthy because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is very beneficial to the humans plus it is also loaded with lots of protein. This makes a great food for people who are conscious on their overall health.

About Salmon

Salmon fish are typically found in Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and are called with various names according to origins. The salmon that are found in the Atlantic are usually farmed. The best thing about Atlantic salmon is they can adapt and survive in various conditions and very saleable in the market. This is the reason why it is the most preferred salmon in aquaculture. In Alaska and United States, salmon is very abundant, which enhances the salmon farming technology.

It is also known for its prominent distinctiveness like for being carnivorous and anadromons. The eggs of the fish usually hatched in fresh water. The adults transfer to the ocean, so that they can able to reproduce and this is the time for them to go back to fresh water again. The farmed salmon usually depend on the fishmeal or the food eaten by the fish to grow.

Techniques of Salmon Farming

In case of commercial farming, it uses a net pens or cages to raise salmon within the costs of the ocean. One technique that is used in order to restore the salmon stock in certain areas that they decline has two processes.

  • The first process, the eggs of the salmons is hatched in freshwater tanks.
  • The next process, the newly hatched salmon are taken to ocean in pens, wherein they can grow for commercial purposes.

These processes usually take years, so you need to be very patience and wait for the results. One ways to create an artificial stream is by making a stream that is made by humans to propagate the salmons. In this way, there’s a big success in terms of growing the fish and propagate them successfully. This is also the best way to avoid the fish from predators or floods. In terms of organic salmon farming, it requires only natural source of food for the salmon.


The eating preference of commercial salmon is criticized, so organic salmon farming allows you to save other fish that are used for making the foods of salmon. The organic salmon farming also does not use the open-net process of growing a salmon. It also helps you to protect the environment.


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