Dates Farming Guide

Date cultivation requires lesser amount of water so even it could be grown on wasteland or in the areas where there is lesser amount of water available. Each tree might yield 40 kgs which is certainly a good amount.

The dates occur in bunches. Dates farming also depend upon the environment as well as the kind of nutrients you are using.

Dates farming is one of the most popular forms of farming being pursued world over owing to their benefits. If you intend to start a dates farm there are some of the important factors which have to be taken into account and you need to know the proper procedure too in order to be successful.

Historically, dates farm are more than 200 years old. They have been thriving in different regions of the world. They are said to be the natives of North Africa and Arabia. Dates farm on a massive scale were imported to USA in 1890’s. One can find large size dates planting in the lower areas of Colorado River, California and Amazon. The date trees thrive here well and in fact today USA dates industry is known to produce more than 60 million pounds of dates on an annual basis. Dates farming thereby acquires much of value and significance in the country.

Traditional methods are now giving way to modern techniques when it comes to dates plantation. Pollination is said to be one of the complicated things in dates cultivation. Primarily, a manual pollination method is adopted to ensure that there is a rich and economical harvest of dates. Though earlier, natural aided wind pollination method was in use but now it has given way to manual pollination.

Dates palm are unisexual in nature i.e. they can be either a male or a female. Both male and female grow on buds which are called as Spath. These buds opens when they become mature. Once matured, they are dried and can even be preserved.

However, the time of blossoming depends upon the type of date palms. It basically depends upon the intensity of heat. The blossoming period will be shorter in areas of high heat. It takes around three months for the dates to blossom fully. Thus they blossom at least twice a year.

Dates require minimum maintenance and can withstand harsh climatic conditions as well as erratic rainfall too. The expenditure is quite less and thereby fertilizer expenses too are considerably less. Further there is no fear of these getting attacked by pests. There are some of the important factors responsible for determining US frost dates while planting dates- soil temperature, altitude, slope of the land.

The farmers are able to determine the quality of date flowers by the smell. The date palms start yielding fruits from 4th to 5th year onwards.


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