Starting Clothing Wholesaler Business

So you’ve decided to start your own clothing wholesalers business! These tips are the ideal guidelines to help new entrepreneurs set up their own businesses in the least amount of time!

Do you have a lot of experience in selecting the best fashions and styles? Do friends always compliment you on your taste in clothes which you have put together for a fraction of the price?

Quick steps to set up your own clothing wholesalers business!

Then it’s a good idea to set up a clothing wholesaler business to use that expertise! Here are a few simple ways to break into the field of clothing wholesalers in an easy no-fuss way.

  • Ask the local boutique vendors where they source their material and how they order. Don’t be afraid to ask experts in the field for advice. Find out popular brands which are preferred by the local customers and research them properly to find out supply sources, pricings and the minimum order levels.
  • Buying clothing can be expensive as you’ll need several styles, brands, sizes and colors to suit different needs. Before you start estimate the amount of money you can spend on your business and stick to it. Write out a professional business plan as soon as possible and get some one experienced to go over it with you.
  • Find wholesaler or companies close to you where you can source your materials for purchasing. Make sure you have the necessary licenses for buying material, clothing and reselling them. You will also need a warehouse to store your inventory before delivering to local stores.
  • Establish a set credit policy. Several sellers will take your products on credit with a two-to-three month credit limit. For new businesses this can be really difficult to manage so negotiate a set limit and stick to it with regular reminders and notices of payments.
  • Online sources are really great for getting wholesale clothes at discounts but you cannot be sure about quality so use only reliable services like Ebay which protect consumer interests. Check out wholesaler directories for reputable dealers who are prompt with deliveries and realizable.
  • If you are finding the cash outflow too much which is the case in most clothing wholesaling businesses, then consider consignment clothing shops. Here you can take in select quality items from people and put up your own stuff for display. You don’t have to pay any money up front and you pay only when the item is sold.
  • You can also set up websites to source material from clothing manufacturers like Chinese dealers and Indian dealers who specialize in cheap knock-offs as well as export surplus which have minimum faults and are sold at discounts.


  • harshad said on November 14, 2012
    i have a factory of Cotton Dress materiel. If any businessman interested, in out of Gujarat(INDIA) Plz, Contact us.
  • Debam Mukherjee said on March 24, 2013
    I've worked in a garments retail shop for 3 years at Howrah-711302, West Bengal, India
  • omprakash Choudhary said on October 5, 2014
    I want to start. sarees business. but I don't know how to buy from material at cheapest rate to sale. anybody can interested call me
  • mawade vivek said on July 27, 2015
    give the details of market of your clothing want to buy your cotton cloths.


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