Garden Equipment and Supply Dealership Business

Are you interested in opening a garden equipment and supplies store? You might be wondering how you could start this business, what to sell, what your customer expects from you, and what are the issues that affect this business?

Our guide has some basic information for people wanting to start a business selling gardening tools and supplies.

As the baby boomers are retiring, they are most likely to look for some hobbies to fill their time. And one of the most likely past times they could pursue is gardening because of its less strenuous nature as well as its relaxing and therapeutic effects. This means there would be some promising demand for gardening tools and equipment.

Garden Equipment and Supplies Ideas

If you want to enter into this business, you can operate independently or become a dealer. If you plan to operate as a small business, it is best to focus on the most essential items for home gardeners, landscapers and lawn care companies, like sprinklers, shovels, forks, rakes, spades, trimmers, and hoes. Later, in addition to gardening equipment, your store can also sell garden decorations such as lanterns, miniatures and lighting as well as vegetable and flower seeds. Selling used lawn and garden equipment is also an idea you can explore. As a seller of garden tools, you are expected to be knowledgeable in the use of the implements you have in your store.

Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealership

You can also become a dealer of garden tools manufactured by leading producers of commercial and consumer equipment. Some industry leaders include Toro Company, The Black & Decker Corporation, and John Deere. Information about how to become a John Deere dealer is available at Visit the web site of the garden equipment manufacturer to find out the requirements and processes of applying for a dealership license. Usually, you would have to meet certain management and financial requirements to become a dealer.

Keeping Up with the Gardening Trend

Gardening might appear as a simple concern, but the truth is, it also causes some environmental concerns. For example, motorized home lawn equipments were criticized for generating high particulate pollution. And garden waste disposal is not just a simple matter in some cities. These issues could change buying the preferences and gardening activities of people in your area. It is therefore best for you to keep yourself up-to-date about news that could affect your business so that you could react to changes appropriately and timely. For example, due to pollution concerns, there’s a shift from motorized lawn equipment to the classic push mower or cordless electric mowers. Knowing this could help you control and manage your stock so that you could adapt to the change in customer buying trend. You could accordingly increase or reduce your order of clippers, diggers, trowels and shears from suppliers.


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