Tips on Finding the Wholesalers and Picking the Best

Finding the best wholesaler is very important because this will serve as your business partner which can help you succeed in your retailer business.

And with the right knowledge and proper understanding, you can find the best wholesaler in the market which can result to your financial success.

For those people who are considering to have retail business, it is very important that they should know where to find the best wholesaler where they can get the lowest-priced product they are going to sell.

While there are many wholesalers in the market which makes it hard for people to choose the best one that offers the most profitable deal, there are factors which should be considered when selecting a wholesaler.

These are some helpful tips in choosing a wholesaler and coming up with the best deal:

  • Choose wholesalers who are registered to do business. It is very important for retailers to make sure that the people they are dealing with have a business license so that they will avoid being victimized by money swindlers and fraudster.
  • As a retailer, you are also required to secure a business license, tax ID, and other legal documents to make your business legal. Securing certifications is very important as legitimate wholesalers would only want to do transactions to legitimate businesses.
  • Have letterhead stationery. This is very helpful as many wholesalers want copies of business license and sales tax ID of their clients. And when there are already many wholesalers who know that you need a business associate, you will be able to choose the one which can provide the best deal such as low-priced products, discounts, and other incentives.
  • Make a good impression to wholesalers. Any bonafide businessmen/businesswomen would only like to deal with people who are professional, determined, driven, and qualified to do business. This means that you have to have a business license, skillful in entrepreneurship, and have the attitude of a true businessman/businesswoman.
  • Avoid middleman who pretends to be wholesalers. There are many middlemen who posed as wholesalers especially on the Internet, so be very careful when scouring for a business associate. A middleman usually offers higher prices compared to wholesalers as he adds his mark up rate to each product. One way to determine if you are really dealing with a legitimate wholesaler and not a middleman is that real wholesalers require their clients with sales tax ID before selling any product.
  • Another way to determine the legitimacy of a wholesaler is that they don’t publicize their price lists. Real wholesalers will only allow people to see the price lists if they have already opened an account.
  • Choose wholesalers who can provide the best deal. Most wholesalers would give incentives to people who buy more of their products.


  • shirley martis said on August 14, 2010
    i am from curacao n.a. i need more information about being a distributor, and more information about buying from laboratories in atlanta, i want to know for sure if they are laboratories yes or no, because they did not wanted to give me there price-list, so i need more information about being a distributor what is my benefit of being a distributor and what has to be in a distributor agreement to benefit me. thank you waiting for your reply i stay bye, i wont to be a distributor for hair product
  • Dawn said on January 16, 2012
    I am from Harare, I need more information on being a distributor of designer clothing. what I basically need know are my benefits and what should be in a distributor agreement. and if I may have leads to manufacturers of designer clothing.
  • Arun kumar said on February 17, 2012
    I want to do business in men and woman cloth business.location is in india and place patna bihar.


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