“Starting Chicken Farm Business”
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  • NELSON CRUZ said on August 11, 2010
    NY..I'm about to retire and read up on chicken farming, while back. I like to know, how much can be made on one chicken coop of about 15 birds. When I first read up on this business, a chicken coop can earn about $20,000 a year. I like to know if this is still possible. Thanks.
  • Achumama said on August 13, 2010
    Hai, I am from india, and have nearly 236Acres of land, want to establish achumama chicken farm soon, any one interested to join as shareholder, welcome, pls call me in this no:00919593456723
  • Margret Schrock said on September 2, 2010
    We are chicken farmers with a big company and we make zero income but might after 10 years into it. Unless you like to work for nothing and don't think you own anything. Between the bank and your company (they are your boss) you don't own anything and you have to do as you are told or you will lose the contract that you have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in! Be careful and don't be fooled by thinking it is easy money. Unless you have one spouse that plans to support you for 10 years or so the only money you make on the farm will the loan, wages and hopefully the sky high electric bill. Hope you have better luck then what we have had!
  • sadou ali said on September 3, 2010
    i am from benin and i would like to breed chickens. land is already available i also have a little money to start. if someone would like to partner with me to enlarge the project he is welcome. i am very experienced in the domain. all the materials are available from nutrients to the grains at a cheap price. thanks. my email: sadou_ali@yahoo.fr tel: 0022996060685
  • sha chapman said on September 6, 2010
    vanceboro north carolina USA. its farmland please send me more info plus I was considering joining with a big company like "PERDUE" I would be so grateful for any and all advice
  • sajid said on September 8, 2010
    hi, we are two friends want to start a poultry farming business on a very small scale. we have our own land and a small amount of money. please suggest us how can we plan further? thank you uae
  • percival francis said on September 12, 2010
    I am interested in starting a poultry business, in Belize, eggs and or meat production, in stages. Start small with capacity for growth. any suggestions? pf
  • Michelle said on September 14, 2010
    Hi all i have a small chicken business in Harare Zimbabwe i really am looking for a plucking machine for 500 chickens please help!!
  • rehman said on September 21, 2010
    hi i am living in london and i want to start business in poultry but i dont no how please help me guide me...
  • david jackson said on September 23, 2010
    inverness area, scotland with 6 hectares of land and barn. very keen to start a poultry farming but need advice.
  • mohamed said on October 10, 2010
    I would like to open the poultry farm in abudhabi, uae, I am planing to start with 2000 chicken and reach to 5000. can you give me more details of requirement and business plan
  • kueh said on October 17, 2010
    i would like to open a chicken farm in sarawak malaysia. i would like to feed broiler chicken. i want to ask, what type of land are suitable for my chicken farm? i plan breed 1000 to 2000 in starting phase. can you give me more details of requirement and business plan? tq
  • keitumetse sekano said on November 1, 2010
    really keen on exploring chicken farming. ive got land with running water and electricity approximately 30km from mafikeng (RSA).my interest is in broilers( meat production).i require the requirements and business plan. ragards KM Sekano
  • Andy said on December 2, 2010
    I'm planing to start a chicken farm business in cambodia. Please kindly advise what/where and how to start, sources of supplies, and resources, etc. Please kindly respond back to me at your earliest. Thanks
  • Thair said on December 6, 2010
    Hi, I'm moving to West Palm Beach, FL, U.S, planning to start with conventional or organic chicken farm business, your advice on the marketplace will be highly appreciated.
  • Samir Desai said on December 7, 2010
    HI Friends, I am Samir Desai Global Manager - PR & Events from Venky's India Ltd. We have our business all over the world. If anyone is interested in starting Poultry farm or if anyone need help pls do call me on 9552590636 / 9665051299. or you can mail me on samirdesai@uttarafoods.com.
  • Samir Desai said on December 14, 2010
    Dear Friends, Greetings from Venky's India Ltd, Pune. I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of you for sending me mails regarding business proposals. Do let us know if anyone is looking for starting new Poultry farm or if someone needs Poultry feed, Equipments, NHP Products, Atta, Biscuits anywhere in the World. Do call me on 9552590636 or mail me on samirdesai@uttarafoods.com or samirdesai@in.venkys.org
  • Jack said on December 15, 2010
    I started a chicken farm in Cambodia. Currently, I have a chicken coup that houses 2100 chicken, and I'm planning to triple this amount soon. The company I buy the chicken food from charges prices that prevent me from making much of a profit on the chickens. If you are able to supply chicken food to Phnom Penh, I'd be very interested to hear from you. Thank you. Jack
  • shataiva milhouse said on December 15, 2010
    Hi, My name is Shataiva Milhouse. I stay in the Columbia, South Carolina, US. I have the land for a chicken farm. I have been doing this. I do research on this. I just would like to have help decided whats best. If anyone could assist me I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks
  • Abebe Serkie said on December 16, 2010
    I am living in Ethiopia .I have already started a small chicken farm business. However, I want to get an advise to work more and attached to the market . Can any one help me?
  • Betti Phillips said on January 5, 2011
    hi, my name is Betti. I live in London. I want to set up a chicken farm in Ethiopia. can you give me some advice please.thanks.
  • Seth Oum said on January 11, 2011
    Hello, I'm living in Ireland at the moment but I was born in Cambodia. I would like to start a medium size chicken farm business, and/or Duck, pigs there. I need all the help from A to Z as I'm only have experience in foods supermarket. According to the Cambodian, the country import thousands of pigs, chickens, and duck every day to meet the increasing local demand. I will be going back to Cambodia in 2 months to find a location near the city to built and raise poultry. I'd like to get any advise and help on this business as much as possible to guide me in this new venture. Any advise is much appreciated. Sincerely, Seth Oum
  • Carla said on January 14, 2011
    Hi, my family and I would like to start a chicken farm in Toronto Ontario,and I would like to know how we can get started,and if it possible to do so here. Thanks in advance for your reply. Carla B.
  • abdul jabir said on January 16, 2011
    I would like to open the poultry farm in norther emirates, ( rak or ajman ) uae, I am planing to start with 5000 or more chicken can you give me more details of requirement and business plans and approximate cost thanking you
  • ibrahim said on February 22, 2011
    dear sir im nigerian @kano state in northern site,sir pliz help me about how can i creat chicken business,i hope u know northern part is so hot area.thank you
  • Edmore said on February 28, 2011
    Hi I want to start a poultry business in Zimbabwe can you please send me more information on what I need and how I can go about it, thanks
  • James expert adviser said on February 28, 2011
    @Edmore, you need to have your own land. You can also lease it for several years. This is the initial of this business and you will also have to decide what's you farm size. You can look for some of the comments here for space and cost needed to raise a chik, it will vary with respect to location as well. Let me know more so that i can help you better.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Kathleen said on March 1, 2011
    My husband and I would like to start a chicken farm. Must we be contracted to a chicken producer or can we go it alone. Please send some info about how to start up ie minimum land size, cash outlay etc. Thanks for your informative article.
  • Edmore said on March 1, 2011
    Hie I have 1 acre of land of which I'm thinking to do the project so mainly I'm thinking of doing some for eggs and meat. What is the best breed for eggs and the ones for meat.
  • Omuhinda Omutakhi Amos said on March 1, 2011
    I would like to start poultry farming in kitale kenya and i have no idea on what to begin with i would like birds to be freelance on one and half acre plot what kind of house i'm supposed to put up and what kind of food for growers what kind of food for layers do i need?
  • asif said on March 1, 2011
    I do have everything mentioned on this site to start a farm, i just need to know that how to get a contract from a chicken company and a list to the deal provider.. Thanx so much Exp: I m working as a manager in Mc Donalds from last 3 years. Belgaum, Karnataka, India
  • James expert adviser said on March 1, 2011
    @Omuhinda Omutakhi Amos, Well 6 month of layer birds need around 2lb of starter food and 8lb of starter food is needed for grower bird in first six weeks. you can feed them fresh veggie, grass, grass like weeds, grains, protein supplements(mainly soybeans/dry fish) and obviously water. You need to do some more research about food. For one bird you need at least 10-20sqft of area, now you can calculate according to your budget. you need to build house with good equipments with proper lighting, watering, heating and feeding system. Please refer to previous comments for best breed.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 2, 2011
    @asif, whom are you targeting? Are you targeting to sell the chicken meat to big companies those are involved in process meat? You can always sell the chicken in local market, there will be tons to by your chicken though.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • ciser said on March 4, 2011
    i am search about investor to be my partner to build my project for breeding poultry to production the eggs if you are interested please contact me ciserrafael@yahoo.com
  • RWAKINANGA EZRAH TREVOR said on March 5, 2011
    Thank you for this Article and I am so grateful that we have people kind enough to share such wonderful information to enrich others. Thank you again, God Bless you. Kampala Uganda, East Africa
  • Jin Tanah said on March 15, 2011
    I am capable to be with ready capital of USD350,000.00. Can you tell me what is the most efficient number of broilers that I can start my business with such a low capital outlay? Whom I could contact with at KFC Malaysia.
  • njeri njoroge said on March 18, 2011
    your advice and ideas are very encouraging. I wish to rearing organic chicken in my rural home. Please advise on how I can source funds for the project. Josephine njeri, Mwamuto area, Kenya
  • yihenew melak said on March 21, 2011
    dear madam/sirs, i am based here in Ethiopia and have been planning to start a poultry business, however, i do not have enough knowledge on how to start the business, space allocation for each chick and what breed are more profitable, and also if climate makes a difference in production. I would be most grateful for any information you may give me in making my dream business a reality. thank you
  • stephen said on March 23, 2011
    I live in Kampala-Uganda.Am interested in buying fertilized Guinea fowl eggs. I am also interested in buying good breed of indigenous chickens. My phone number is +2567783123868 .My e-mail is:mwakastephen@yahoo.co.uk
  • lazugulu elali said on March 24, 2011
    Pls i need some info on how start a chicken and turkey farm in quebec canada,start up capital,and regulations ..
  • robin said on March 30, 2011
    Indonesia, Jakarta. i would like to start poultry chicken farm. what steps do i need? and what's the minimal land do i have to had? i'm still 18yr. and i need to convince my father to help me with the funding and my cousin for the land. wish me luck.
  • sardar shahid said on April 10, 2011
    Hi I am Shahid from Crawley, UK. I am looking to set up a poultry farm. If anyone has any information or material with regards to setting up a poultry farm in Pakistan please email me on ssrf99@yahoo.com. Also, I am looking for poultry farm training materials. Please get in touch with. Thank you.
  • Sani Deba said on April 29, 2011
    Hi, I live in Gombe, Gombe State of Nigeria. I want to start a Poultry(chicken)farm business in my village. As a started with no experience in breeding/raising chickens, Please assist me on how to finance the project, medication, chicken feed, operational expenses and what type of breed to raise that will survive and grow fast in tropical condition. How do I go about it?
  • Hermin N. Morpeau said on May 4, 2011
    Hi, Mi name is Hermin. I would like to start a chicken farm business in Haiti. i already have plenty of land and intend to buy more.I also have plantation in mind.I would like to produce quality eggs and quality chicken meat.I also would like to be able to produce my own feed for my chicken...i h ope you are still interested in my project!!!Is there any way you can help me understand this business so i can make healthy and successful decision...thanks in advance
  • Masjood said on May 5, 2011
    I am working in UAE. MY place is Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, INDIA. I am very interested to start a chicken farm in Thiruvananthapuram. This is my long term ambition. But I have only a little land (around 4 cent). What will be the cost of starting a farm? and how much chickens I can produce with this land? how much income I can expect per month?
  • david ewan scott said on May 8, 2011
    Hi I am originally from Scotland but now stay in thailand, I would like to start a small scale chicken farm business in Thailand. I would like to start with 500 chickens. Can you give me an idea of what is involved many thanks for your help
  • Mr.Allison Uwakwe said on May 31, 2011
    My name is Allison from the eastern part of Nigeria. We are looking for a foreign investor to partner with us and our state government in the setting up of a Mechanized poultry farm that can accommodate huge number of chickens. Nigeria has the largest market for poultry produce in Africa, therefore any investor that is willing to partner with us and invest wisely in poultry farm should contact us via e-mail kibbutznigltd@yahoo.com.
  • yori said on June 18, 2011
    i am 31 yrs old and a single mother. I have a farm 3 hectares in the philippines. I am planning to start a poultry grower business. i don't have a knowledge but i am keen to learn. would you please send me proper guidelines what are the necessary steps in order me to know the operation. i do really need your help. thank you
  • RAHUL LANDGE said on June 21, 2011
    Hi, I am from Jabalpur (M.P), I have just completed my MBA from Pune , and instead of searching for a job , I have decided to start my poultry farm business,in my city Jabalpur, please guide me with the concessions, subsidies and discounts given by the government to this business, also help me with the do and don't s of this business and the future opportunity and growth , please educate me and give me valuable info in my Id , thanks... my cell no. is 09907642999.
  • mrs irine ntoko said on June 23, 2011
    i have a poultry farm in Cameroon but want people abroad to come and invest on this domain. we lack many equipments in our country. and agriculture here is tax free. i own a common initiative group(CIG) BY NAME TRY AND SEE ANYBODY INTERESTED I HAVE LAND I CAN OFFER FOR FREE.THKS IRINE
  • Helen Abraha said on July 21, 2011
    Hello, I'm living in USA at the moment but I was born in Ethiopia. I would like to start a medium size chicken farm business there. I need all the help from A to Z as I'm only have experience in office. According to the Ethiopian, the country needs more Farms to meet the increasing local demand. I will be going back to Ethiopia next year to find a location near the city to built and raise poultry. I'd like to get any advise and help on this business as much as possible to guide me in this new venture. Any advise is much appreciated. Sincerely, Helen Abraha
  • Lydia said on July 23, 2011
    I want to start a poultry farm in Westerhall, St. George, Grenada WI. please guide me with the concessions, subsidies and discounts given by the government to this business, also help me with the do and don't s of this business and the future opportunity and growth. I also need help i'm formulating my business plan
  • martha sekikongo said on July 31, 2011
    My husband and i have a big farm in Uganda,East Africa.We have a big farm and have built structures for poultry farming. We have all the necessary equipments ready for start. Please advise on how much starting capital is required for 1000 chicks, labour,feeds etc.How long will take to start earning. What the market like and whom do you advise that we start targeting.Is there attention required for these chick at night.Must there be lighting at night or day lighting and warmth is adequate? Please advise us further. Mr and Mrs Sekikongo
  • Mutale ngandu said on August 25, 2011
    Hi people, am a zambian living in lusaka, i have a 4 hectares land for poultry farming. I want an investor to partner with for egg production to meet the local demand. Email if interested.
  • Allen said on October 19, 2011
    I live in atlanta GA. I would like to start chicken farm. Can let me know what do i need and what should i consider? What is the cost?
  • Ha Huynh said on October 20, 2011
    I live in Pineville, LA. I would like to start chicken farm. Can you let me know what do i need and what should i consider? what is the cost?
  • amadu said on November 26, 2011
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  • Biruk said on December 19, 2011
    Hi, Helen! I'm also an Ethiopian from Chongqing, China. By the end of next year I'll go back to Ethiopia. and my dream is to start poultry farm business with somebody else. so why don't we start together around Addis Abeba? in case if you really are interested then give me a call with this number. +861 5 82 59 82 759 Biruk. or you can send me an email at kyle.adam80@yahoo.com. Atrshi Ebakish, Amesegnalw
  • willy jean said on January 7, 2012
    i am in canada, plan to move back to haiti soon to open a chicken farm, does the equipment is vary to location [ warm temperature] 30degree celcius
  • Naga natha sethupathi said on January 11, 2012
    hi i want to start the chicken farm business how i got a loan and what are the norms and conditions for getting a loan
  • Mpho Lekau and Adelinah Mofo said on January 19, 2012
    We are in partnership already, running a business chicken in small scale. Now we like to own a farm and we are clueless with what is required to make it happen. We would also like to export them world wide. We live in Lesotho, Maseru.
  • Atoyebi mayowa said on February 21, 2012
    What type of management information system do i have to put in place in a poultry company
  • Abdulai Jalloh said on February 23, 2012
    I want to start a organic poultry farm in KONO district eastern sierra leone,for eggs and meat production. like to know suitable breeds and feeds for the climate here in kono.
  • Cleopatra said on March 11, 2012
    Hi, may you please help me with starting my chicken farm. My land is not so big but located in the village in Verulam, Durban. My dream is to supply big companies in South Africa one day. Thank you
  • Jim said on March 28, 2012
    My name is Jim and I live in upstate NY, I have started a small chicken farm but am in need of more information. thank you
  • Balazs Takats said on April 5, 2012
    I am thinking of starting a chicken farm in Indonesia, Medan. I am able to acquire land but don't quite know the size I need. I am thinking of starting with 1000 birds and keeping them until they grow large enough to lay eggs and breed for 1 extra month then sell some at the local markets here. I would like to repeat this process for a while and then move onto opening chicken themed restaurants here. Any help is greatly appreciated. I will have some people working for me that have had experience with raising birds before but I think it will be different to western standards as I am Australian. Thank you for your help again. Balazs Takats
  • Vinodh said on April 8, 2012
    I'm planning to start a poultry farm near Chennai, India. I've the necessary land and capital. Looking forward consultancy from experts on payment basis. Please write to vinodh221@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.
  • carlos maurice said on April 9, 2012
    i am located in the dominican republic, and have a small poultry business want to expand to a large farm, have over 4 acres ok land, what equipment is needed to insure success, are their any offices or grants for the poultry industry, i am american but have lived here for 5 years as a permanent residence are their any info regarding u.s. government assistance programs in foreign countries
  • sidra said on April 10, 2012
    I would like to start a poultry farm with 20,000 broiler chicks in malaysia. Could you suggest where in malaysia would be best to start this and what the cost and profit would be? I would be highly grateful. thank you.
  • Claytpn partin said on April 14, 2012
    Hey I live in tn knoxville 37914 i've been looking ever ware for farms i'm 23 an I'ld love to start my on farm poultry chicken farm how can I go an start one no job looking for one dream is to be a farmer can anyone help me out by any chance they have .i dont mind working for a farm but like to have one of my own thanks
  • James Young said on April 16, 2012
    I live in Lagos Nigeria,and i intend to start a poultry business,i intend to lease a land, what is the probable amount for a medium size take-off and how can i order for good books to study about rearing chicken.
  • Carlos F. Sanchez said on April 27, 2012
    I have a degree in animal science. I just need to know that how to get a contract from a chicken company. I live in KS, USA.
  • Mr ahmed said on April 28, 2012
    Dear sir/madam i want to start a poultry farm business i live in Luton Bedfordshire, have no idea of process how to start and what are the legals formalities to start it can u plz guide me and inform me briefly .i will be grateful yo u.thanks.
  • Ngoni Nleya said on May 1, 2012
    I'm getting into Chicken Farming and Hatchery please send me details as to how to build and ventilate a space that would accommodate up to 6000 chickens Thanks
  • Gary Lee said on May 1, 2012
    Hi! I'm really interested to start of with my own poultry farming. Can you suggest where is the best place in Malaysia and how do I go about it for a start. Since i have no knowledge of this business, how can you recommend me with someone who has the knowledge and what would be the capital required to start of initially?
  • Cliff Sanford said on May 7, 2012
    I looking in on the best way to get a loan to start a poultry farm in north GA. Please advise who would be the best lender.Also wold it be better to build a new farm or purchase a foreclosed farm.
  • Mohamed Saleem said on May 29, 2012
    Dear Sir, Still Maldives is importing chicken and eggs. We hope to start a poultry industry in the Maldives. We are looking for some one to joint venture with us, to share technical know-how and expertise. Best regards, Mohamed Saleem, Mobile: +960 7533103.
  • Shayo said on May 30, 2012
    Hi I'm in Dar es salaam Tanzania I want to star chicken farm, I have a plot ready but i dont no where to start, help me where to get the best babychick and good feeding products
  • ali said on May 31, 2012
    hello. we are interested for poultry business in spain so please help us to forwarding some information.
  • Marilyn said on June 11, 2012
    Hi, my name is Marilyn. I would like to start a chicken and egg farming business in my village which is situated in Bochum(Limpopo). There is a good business opportunity there. May you please advice on which process to follow. I'm am currently working for a retail company which has given me an idea of running a business.
  • Serge said on June 13, 2012
    South California here. Trying to start a chicken farm.For 1000-2000 Chickens max. I want to make it a FREE RANGE chicken farm. I want to know in what kind of weather would my chickens grow best organically. If you have any information on what i would need, please provide some help. Thank You
  • Mani said on June 16, 2012
    Hello, living in London at present, hoping to go back to Where I come from ( Rwanda in central africa ), looking to start chicken farming with a view to supply chicken and eggs to restaurants or Boarding schools, I have no idea where to start , what it involves or how much money will I need, any Idea will be welcome. Thank you, Mani
  • lloyd rolle said on July 9, 2012
    hi i want to start a chicken farm in the bahamas. want to know how to construct the chicken house. and what is the time from chicks to ready for market?
  • tshepiso said on July 29, 2012
    i want to start a chicken farming and am currently studying at the college of agriculture. i request your help to start my own business how and where am i going to get a fund to start my own business.
  • Mike said on July 29, 2012
    I am very interested in starting medium chicken farm business around uitenhage area eastern cape. Where do I start to get information about the Land, Set up of coop,Financiers and Business plan.
  • braxton bolton said on July 30, 2012
    hi, i am trying to start my chicken farm, so far i have 35 hens all i need now is some roosters so i can start selling chicks if you could help you can call this number 435-722-3904 or leave me a email at braxton.love2dream@yahoo.com and i live near roosevelt, utah, u.s.a.
  • kalpana said on August 2, 2012
    I want to start chicken farming in my native place karwar. i have enough land for this.please help me about where i have to purchase chicks.
  • ayodeji said on August 3, 2012
    I want to start poultry business in Ondo state, Nigeria, i need detail information on poultry management, what to do on daily basis from day old to the point of laying.
  • MALOKOTSA REFILOE said on August 4, 2012
    Hi. I would like to start a poultry farm in Lichtenburg, North west. Its in South Africa. Can you please send me a quote on how starting a small one. I am interested in starting up with a small farm and expanding later on in future. What more do i need to know about starting this farm? Thank you.
  • Nasiru Hamisu said on August 4, 2012
    I want to start chicks farm in Kanwuri sarki Gusau, Zamfara State of Nigeria. Please help me.
  • Fode Lamine Sankhon said on August 4, 2012
    I Would like to get a partner to do poultry business in Guinea Conakry my contact flsankon@yahoo.fr +224 68852477
  • shaikh said on August 6, 2012
  • darteh beginner adviser said on August 6, 2012
    i am a ghanaian graduate in agriculture and i have a vast land that i want to go into partnership with any investor who is interested in poultry .i also have training and experience in poultry from the netherlands.i can be reached through kwamedarteh48@yahoo.com

    kwamedarteh48@yahoo.com || Chicken Farming Consultant

  • Bruce said on August 9, 2012
    I want to start a poultry business in kenya.I have a piece of land and my priority is rearing the egg laying chicken and perhaps broiler when already established.
  • khalid said on August 9, 2012
    i want to start a chicken farm with 1000 chicken in somalia and i wanted to know what kind of equipment i will be needing.
  • Dr.Eyayu ketema kumsa said on August 10, 2012
    Hi thanks i have seen highlight of the plan. I am graduate of doctor of veterinary medicine from university of gondar in Ethiopia so that i want to start poultry farm both on layer and broiler so would mind sharing me detail of business plan. I hope you will me soon. Thank you for your cooperation
  • naveen kumar said on August 13, 2012
    sir i need to start poultry farming in india mangalore currently i am working in saudi arabia end of the year i want to settle in my home place. please advice me how start this business, i have no idea about this farming. thanks
  • Obulialia said on August 17, 2012
    Hi, I love poultry so much and i would like to start a poultry farm in a months time in nairobi, kenya. please advice.
  • nadeem ahmed said on August 20, 2012
    i want to do business in pakistan rawalpindi chakbaili khan.area is almost 2000 chicken layers place. plz guide me for starting this business
  • notbymight farms said on August 21, 2012
    i am starting a small poultry farm in Ghana Eastern Region in need your advice and support


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