Starting a Stationery Business

What’s all the fuss about stationery and invitation letters? For couples who are heading to the altar, this part of their preparation for their special day is an expression of their love to each other.

To those who are entrepreneurial at heart, this business is a perfect one because it is obviously a thriving and in-demand service.

Why should somebody have an interest in starting a stationery business? The answer is simple and very obvious. Couples who are heading to the altar are paying a lot of attention to the stationery and invitation letters that they will send their relatives, friends and love ones that the demand for this kind of service is high. There has never been a time when invitation or stationery letters have been given too much attention by the couples than this time. One should understand that these stationery letters are treated by the couples as a display of their love for each other.

If one is inclined to pursue and reap every ounce of financial benefit from doing stationery business, there are only several proven steps wherein the entrepreneur-minded person can find his niche in this thriving industry.

Below are ways on how to start a stationery business the intelligent way:

Get the Right Tools for Stationery Business

Stationery business is basically the capacity to produce a well-designed paper for special events and, given this fact, this means one should own a computer and printer for a start. The computer will come in handy in producing templates for designs for the stationery. It is also advisable to have design software like Adobe Illustrator to pull this up. If one has no way of producing sophisticated printer, then the possibility of commissioning the job printing to a printing press is okay.

Marketing Tactics for Stationery Business

There are many marketing tactics that can be used when starting a stationery business. But probably the best way to market it that will surely spread the word around that one has a business like this is by giving several couples a free-service stationery letters for their wedding just to build a good portfolio. One basically only has to show his best in producing the stationery letter and if done well it is good as advertising on newspapers and magazines.

Talking about advertising in magazines, one should also contact magazines that deal with special events so that one’s stationery business can be given a good media attention.

Network One’s Stationery Business

One way that is proven well in penetrating this industry in just a matter of months is by networking with wedding-oriented vendors like florists, photographers, caterers, cake decorators and musicians.


  • sumit said on March 16, 2013
    I am planning to open a stationary store in vadodara, Gujarat. location is awaited. what kind of stationary do you keep and what is the margin.
  • Hardik PATEL said on August 28, 2013
    I am open a stationery store in rajpipla, narmada district, gujarat. What kind of stationery do you keep and what is the margin in business.
  • willieam timothyy said on January 3, 2014
    Hi! Want to start a school stationary business in Thane Dist. Need to know how to start up with and how much finance is required for starting up a good stationary house? And also the margin on the stationary? Secondly, to know the list of distributors who can supply all kind of stationary so that no CUSTOMER goes empty hand b'coz of non-availability of the asked stationary. Awaiting reply. With High Regards Willieam Timothyy 8898024294
  • Jayen said on August 1, 2014
    Hi! I want to start a stationary business in Vadodara, Gujarat at residential area what types of stationary needed? who are the suppliers ?
  • ranju s ravat said on July 31, 2015
    Hi, i want to start a stationary business in ahmedabad. Need to know how to start up with and how much finance is required for stating up Good stationary shop ? and also the margin on the stationery? secondly ,to know the list of distributors who can supply all kind of stationary so that customer goes empty hand b,coz of non - available to the asked stationary- awaiting reply. with high regards ranju- my mobail no 9737871380
  • Jagruti. chauhan said on February 29, 2016
    I want to open school stationary in Vadodara want to know the budget.


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