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Dinner by design is the revolutionary do-it-yourself home meal preparation.

The franchise is fulfilling business models for those who have a passion for helping busy people indulge in a convenient and easy home cooked meal.

The concept behind dinner by design is to give its customers the convenience of a meal, wherein they will not need to purchase the ingredients and prepare them rather just put them all together immediately. When people nowadays are just too busy to prepare their own food, they feel guilty always ordering in and eating nothing but fast-food. Though convenient, it is not always the healthiest option as people are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat. With Dinner by Design the customer gets to design what goes into the food and how it gets cooked and are even less expensive to boot!

Dinner by design is in search for applicants that are not only interested in great food that is both healthy and affordable, but those that wish to find their own financial stability and freedom through a proven business model. Would be entrepreneurs nowadays opt for a more secure means of establishing their own business, since going out into the field and investing in something from scratch has become more and more serious in the past decade. People want to try something that is proven profitable.

Franchise owners of dinner by design enjoy quantity discounts, ongoing marketing and public relations support, site selection and ongoing operations support, in market advertising and marketing kits, a proven business model for kitchen, delivery and pick up sales, web sales support, comprehensive training program and no sales thresholds. The liquid capital necessary for the franchise is around $140,000 to $200,000 and financing assistance is not available and training takes place at the headquarters. Therefore decide whether or not to invest with cash on hand or if you decide on taking a loan from a third party institution, only loan within your payable capacity as you would not want to wind up in dept so early into the business.

As a franchise owner of dinner by design you will be trained the proven business model to help you manage your new franchise. There are many ways to go about owning your business and it is important to embrace these methods until you find one that will better suit you. Therefore it is important to read up on everything beforehand, get advice from actual business owners and study on what it takes to run this particular franchise.

Once your application has been accepted you will receiver training and all the necessary materials from the franchiser. Other charges will depend on the location of your business and other amenities you wish to add to your site. To avoid unwanted charges and costs it is best to consult with an accountant to monitor what your finances will be and how to handle them. Keep track of what you spend and list down everything you wish to implement. Just because you cannot afford them now doesn’t mean that the opportunity to do so in the future will not arise. After setting up, advertise accordingly through internet, local advertisements in papers and magazines and broadcasting on tv and radio.


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