How to Start a Snow Cone Business

If you want to start a snow cone business, you need to create a detailed plan. This will guide you through startup. Find a location and secure the required licenses or permits.

You also need to consult with the local health department to receive a special card. Find a supplier of the supplies or equipment to cut down the costs.

There are many ways to earn income and since people are easily attracted to low-cost startups, you might want to consider a snow cone business. Learning the operation of this business is not hard and it will also allow you to interact with others in the local community. You should be aware that this type of business is seasonal but it will still depend on the place or region where you live. Among the things you need are flavors, ice shaver, freezer, snow cone cups, and block ice.

Starting a Snow Cone Business

The first you need to do is find a location. You have to pick one that is located at a high traffic area. It’s best to lease out store space near schools and other areas where special events are usually held. There is no sense in starting a business if you don’t have a good location. After making the necessary arrangements with the owner of the business space, you can now secure the needed permits. In most cases, you need to get a DBA (doing business as) license, sellers permit, etc. This will depend on the place where you live; consult with the concerned agency to find out the requirements.

Since you’re going to serve something that is going to be eaten by your customers, you have to check with the health department. If you comply with their requirements, you will be given a handlers or food card. This will involve paying a certain fee and taking a test. Once you’ve secured the card, you can now purchase equipment like freezer, ice shaver, cone cups, and ice maker. You can even obtain a mobile unit that you can use with ease. All you have to do is locate companies or sellers that can offer a much lower price.

You can start this type of business alone but once you get many orders, you can now hire extra help. Determine the salaries of your staffs and decide if you will also offer a benefits package. You can have a mobile business so you can focus on bug events. Watch out for art festivals in your area, as well as community events, concerts, league games, and many others. With a reliable supplier, you can make lots of money. Make sure that you have enough capital to cover the startup expenses. With a solid plan, you will know what to do from the start. It can also guide you in the daily operations of the business.


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