Starting a Music Publishing Company

Music publishing can be a very lucrative business venture. If you have the wits, the nose for business deals and the ears for the next hit music then you are certainly born to succeed in this industry.

This business guideline will show steps on how you get started right away.

Apply for a business license for your music publishing company

As a starting music publishing company it is important you get your documents in order. Consult a business lawyer to help you establish the legal side of your business. Consider working on getting stuff like business licenses, permits, sales permits and others done. Get all the documents over with before you begin your operation so as you can focus entirely on your work and business.

Register a business name for your music company

Other record companies like BMI and Virgin Records have business names and so should you, if you want to be recognized in the music industry like others. Pick out a name that you like that is not in use. Check with your business state secretary if such name is in use. If not, register it. Afterwards, put a trademark on it so you have suing rights if anyone else uses your business name without your permission.

Get your music publishing company associated with other companies

Search the web for circles of music label associations or organizations. Join these circles and associate your company with them. It is important that you begin to build your company’s image and reputation. Several songwriters and composers often approach such companies for their work. And if your company doesn’t have that clout, then your music company’s progress and success can be hindered and limited.

Find a base of operation

Every music company has its own base of location where music work is gathered and published. Consider visiting a real estate broker to help you determine the right location for your business needs. Then hire a contractor to remodel the area according to your specifications and furnish it.

Look for music material

Hire several composers and many songwriters to write music material for you. Create a contract of agreement regarding their work. Decide the terms of payment and the terms of rights to what they create. Have a business lawyer help you develop a publishing contract. After you have settled the terms, gather the materials you have collected and begin to publish the good ones.

Advertise your company and your product

Becoming success in publishing music takes work and dedication. You get lucky when you have laid the foundation down to make your business a success. One of the foundations you have to work on is music connections. Work on developing your connections with music stores, radio stations, media and other promotional avenues.

Keep on keeping on

The world of music publishing is very competitive. Getting on top and staying on top are two different worlds in it. However, if you persist in establishing your business, breaks are bound to come your way.


  • Dominique Martinelli said on March 25, 2009
    Hello, My name is Dominique Martinelli and I am currently developing my new website which will be primarily for producers and songwriters to upload their tracks for clients in the (music, tv, film, game) industry. Of course, I will be shopping their music and collecting 20-25% of their publishing but wanted to know if their were other things to consider legally, profitably, for this particular website. There are some questions I would like to ask and receive feedback on if possible.
    1. What are some organizations I would have to be in communication with?
    2. How would I be able to account for everyone that submits original material or samples, as far as providing them with performance rights, royalty checks and so on, via internet? In other words, is there a much simpler way to take down information and send it along or would I have to go through the process of sending each and everyone's information to these (???) companies?
    I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Dominique
  • Karen Caston said on June 29, 2009
    Hi Dominique, I'm learning the ropes on this myself. I would think it would be your ASAP, or BMI. I say that b/c they would track performances to pay out the royalties of the use of the song. Keeping account of materials maybe an Access or something of that nature?? There would have to be someone on your end whose manually entering this end or if you know someone who's kick butt in programming to do this behind the scenes of your website. Hopefully this helps and good luck!
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