Starting a Miniature Golf Business

If you want to start a miniature golf business, you should be aware that you’re going to need a hefty amount. With a solid and detailed plan, you will not have much trouble in securing the needed capital.

Decide on your niche and choose between an indoor or outdoor course.

People are always looking for entertainment and if you’re in the US, you will benefit greatly if you start your own miniature golf business. Parents and kids are always looking for ways to enjoy and so miniature gold courses can be a great alternative. Today, these places are definitely in-demand and startup costs can be around $150,000. For some businesspersons, this can be a large sum and so you can secure the needed financing just in case your capital is not enough. Always begin with the development of a sound and solid plan because you can use this to convince investors or lenders.

How to Start Your Own Miniature Golf Business?

It would be ideal if you have enough experience in playing golf. This will allow you to determine the factors that create a great game. There are many things that you need to consider like the size constraints, amenities, player backups, hazards, and the aesthetic appeal of the miniature golf course. You have to decide whether you will open an indoor or outdoor golf course. Oftentimes, the former is a better alternative since this will allow players to enjoy a game even during cold months. If this is your choice, you can lease out space inside malls, movie theaters, entertainment centers, bowling alley, or athletic clubs.

Golf is usually played in warm weather but if you want to generate income throughout the year, the indoor alternative is better. An outdoor miniature course is also good and you will need around 20,000 sq ft and you must go for a location with high visibility. You should choose a theme and make sure that the miniature golf course coincides with it in terms of natural obstacles, trees, small hills, and many others. As you design the course, you will also need to shop around for the right insurance policy for the business.

You have to choose a target market or audience and this is where you will base the theme. Maintenance of the golf course is of utmost importance. For minimal upkeep, you must use indigenous trees, plants, and hedges. Make sure that these things don’t obstruct the course. Secure the needed documents, licenses, and other paperwork that will make the business legal. This can take time so you must apply in advance. Purchase the needed equipment, tools, and supplies. Be sure to create rules that should be observed by your staffs and the golfers while playing in the area. You must have start with the advertisements long before the opening to enhance the market visibility of the business.

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