How to Start a Bookie Business

A bookie business can be a very profitable business as a sports betting loophole provided that the business follows the country’s legal laws on the issue.

A bookie or bookmaker is a person that collects bets from individuals during sporting events from which he sets a break even point.

He collects the losses and pays out the winnings. It is from the total money collected that the bookie determines what he can get. These bookies frequent clubs or popular sporting events. To determine these locations ask around where the sport betters frequent and at what events.

Starting a Bookie Business

Keep in mind the legal issues that come with this type of business. It is illegal to collect money from betting in the US so it would be best to have a bookie offshore to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Offshore bookies allow you to play within your financial capacity therefore you do not lose as much if luck is not on your side.

If the direct offshore bookie business is not for you then you may even consider one online. You will need to craft out a website wherein you will gather clientele who will send in the cash for their bets. Discuss again the legalities of the business with someone in the know such as an existing bookie business owner or a lawyer as you will want to keep the business as clean as possible. There are other options of where to hold your bookie business albeit risky. Get to know about the various options by reading up on them and researching more on how to manage this type of business.

Once you decide on the type of bookie business you want to manage it is time to draft out your business plan. All good businesses start with an effective business plan that is enough to generate the necessary profit from a business. Draft out your policies, general guidelines and rules and regulations. You may want to discuss these things with your lawyer as well as he can help you get all the necessary documents and make the necessary arrangements for the business. With this you will be able to determine the type of tools or equipment you will need. The bookie business has a variety of new options to utilize that is a large step forwards from the typical pen and paper notes. More advanced computers are now utilized and these will make an excellent investment for the company.

Make a draft now of the items you wish to purchase and the overall costs of the business including for the location, items, potential employees etc. From this draft you may want to consult with an accountant now. It is always good to have a professional guide you through the basics of making these documents to keep things running smoothly. From the breakdown of necessities you will come up with the total cost of the business which you may adjust according to your budget. The budget on the other hand may be initial cash you have set aside specifically for the business or cash you may want to loan from a financial firm or bank. After you have finalized your list of needs you may now search various suppliers to purchase them from. Compare prices to get affordable yet quality items for your business. After purchase you may now start setting up your bookie business and advertising accordingly.


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