Starting a GRE Coaching Centre

If you want to start a GRE coaching centre, you will have to start out early. It is important that you receive appropriate training to obtain certification. Find out the requirements for getting a license or permit as a GRE coach.

With the right techniques, advertising methods, and knowledge, you can help your students in passing the exam.

Starting a GRE Coaching Business

Before starting your own GRE coaching centre, it is important that you know what Graduate Record Exam is all about. The GRE is usually required in the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States before students are admitted to graduate schools. A coaching center is possible as long as you possess relevant education background, experience, and knowledge. Since you’re going to coach students, you should be knowledgeable enough to teach those who want to pass the exams.

Determine the licensing and permits that you need to apply. You can visit the concerned government agency in your state or country to comply with these things. As a GRE coach, you will also need certification. Make sure that you receive training from a reputable and accredited school or institute. The fees for the training may vary but it’s a worthy investment. Find a facility that you can lease out. If you own a small building space, you’re in luck because you can save a lot of money during startup. You will also need to hire extra help, probably 1-2 employees. You can begin with small number of students and as you gain experience, you will surely get more enrollees.

Advertising and Preparing for the Review Sessions

News about quality coaching can spread easily especially if you live in a small town or city. Still, there is a need to promote the coaching centre to increase public awareness. The GRE test is not specific when it comes to subject. This is merely a test the measures the individual’s ability to respond to certain questions at a limited time. The exam is multiple choice and s divided into analytical, verbal, and quantitative. When promoting your coaching center, you can have to emphasize the negative effects of cramming. Thorough review is vital to ensure passing rates.

The test consists of 7 sections – 2 sections for verbal, quantitative, and analytical; and one experimental section. The duration for each section varies. As a coach, you need to reviews these sections one by one. Make sure that you prepare a lesson plan for the coaching services. It’s up to you to decide the number of hours you need to complete the review. Decide on the fee that you will ask from students. Since you’re starting out, you have to charge a reasonable fee based on the duration of the coaching sessions. Always opt for quality coaching, so that positive word of mouth claims will spread in your area. In due time, you will be able to provide the best coaching GRE services to potential students.


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