Buying Cell Phone for Small Business

What kind of cell phone will you need? How much is your budget? Will it be under a plan or Pre-paid? Having a cell phone that you can use for your small business will be very practical.

It provides you the opportunity of calling your business partners, suppliers and employees where ever you are but what will be the feature of the cell phone that you would like to buy.

Tips on Buying a Cell Phone

Choosing the brand will be one of the factors you need to consider. There is a wide selection of brand that you can choose from. You may try visiting the web for different brands. You may also consider the style will it be bar, flip, slide or touch screen. What are the features that you require? Would you want to have a camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player, video calling, with mobile internet, expandable memory? Or will it be just a typical cell phone that you can just use. It will be depending on your preference.

You also need to assess your cell phone usage. What is your average duration of calls each month? How many calls do you make each week? Will you be using your phone during the weekends? Is international or long distance call necessary? These are points that you need to consider before you engaged your self in a cell phone plan.

There are network providers that offer packages for small business. Sometimes they will lock you in a one to two years contract, and they will be providing the cell phone for free, you will be just paying for the monthly plan. They can give you accumulated amount of voice calls or text messages depending on the amount of the plan.

They may also provide you bonus option on your phone plan such as nominating a number that you regularly call and they can provide you the first three minutes for free or they can provide you free text in a month or you can allocate a specific hour in which you can call any number in the allocated time for free. These are just samples of benefits that you can get from subscribing a plan for your cell phone.

It is also important for you to know if they will be able to provide roaming service in times that you will be out of the country so that you will not be charged of standard rate, if this will happen your charges will be increased that the usual average bill that you have for each month. There are providers that offers flexible plan and will not lock you in a contract, you get charge for low rates and will be billed for the calls done but there are times that they will charge you for monthfly recurring as low as $10 a month.


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