“Starting a Banana Farm”
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  • Lata said on January 29, 2014
    Interested in starting banana farming in 2 acres of land in Maharashtra. Would like to how to procure the saplings and also to know whether the particular land is conducive for the farming and any advice regarding the business
  • Lata said on January 29, 2014
    @Manisha C, if you are around could you pl connect me at lata_saket@hotmail.com
  • Daliso said on February 8, 2014
    Hi, I find this so interesting and I have been looking for people or an association that is in banana farming. Am a Zambian and we have a 4Hacteres farming plot in chongwe district eastern part of Zambia. We have planted 2hacteres of the land and the Williams Banana plants are doing so well and will soon be fruiting. Our plans are to expand the other 2Hacteres by planting PLANTAIN but the problem is where to find the Plantain tissues here in Zambia. Kindly help us with information of where we can find these plantain tissues and of course market for our crops. Thank you for the above information.
  • Emmanuel Ewor said on February 22, 2014
    I have already planted over 25,000 suckers of both in d same farm land, am still working hard to plant more. Plz I need patronage, I also need to know other product of banana n plantain. I am a Nigerian my farm is located in okarki town ,ahoada west LGA of nigeria . plz I need some foreign partners n some good advice on what to do.:-)
  • Emmanuel Ewor said on February 22, 2014
    My farm is located in d rain forest area
  • opeyemi said on March 2, 2014
    We provide Plantain suckers with rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential. Contact: 08036320607. Plantain Suckers for sale (Giant Elephant Plantain Specie a.k.a AGBAGBA ERIN).
  • Pst Julius Y. Boman said on April 13, 2014
    I want to plants 3 htr of banana in the norther part of Nigeria precisely Zango Kataf in Kaduna State. Are there companies or organisations in Nigeria that buys banana in tons?
  • ameenmashoor said on April 24, 2014
    i hav to knw how the cultivated bananas can sell in market ? How can i fix the price on it? How can i search a buyer for my fruit
  • pushpender singh said on April 27, 2014
    I am willing to plant G9 variety banana in my land. Which is situated in gorakhpur uttar pradesh. I want to know every single information regarding banana plantation from where to get this G9 plants. Irrigation, Soil type, Disease found in plant. how to overcome them etc. Regards, P K SINGH, 9811210978
  • sherwin anhao said on May 14, 2014
    Hi. I would like to know where i can buy seedling or banana tree nearby my place lucena city.
  • sherwin anhao said on May 14, 2014
    Hi... I am looking for banana seed for my plantation. are you able to supply? how much per plant? from: Lucena City Quezon province,Philippine here attached my email-add ccs_anhao@yahoo.com
  • Narayan Sharma said on May 24, 2014
    Hi, I would like to know where I could get the training for banana farming in Nepal. Please give information.
  • abigirl mupunga said on May 31, 2014
    i am from Zimbabwe Manicaland, i would want to know what yield i get from a hectare. here attached is my email-address-abigirl@plyport.com
  • Rakesh Chetry said on June 29, 2014
    i am from sadiya Assam, india. i have 20 acres of land. i want to start banana farming. please suggest me.
  • oke taiwo beginner adviser said on July 22, 2014
    Hello forum, As I have posted before on this forum..plantain business is profitable business if you understand and know how to maintain it very well from land selection, sucker selection, clearing, planting, pest and disease maintenance, prunning, harvesting to marketing. For more info on how to start plantain business, sucker sourcing and farm maintenance kindly contact this line...08139120967 or moyanbe@gmail.com. Thanks Oke Olayiwola Taiwo

    moyanbe@gmail.com || Consultant

  • deepak naik said on August 24, 2014
    initially i want to start with 1000 nos. with nendran tissue plants n than gradually incrg. so guide me where to source it in maharashtra side n the rates. thanks n regards.
  • yemi said on August 25, 2014
    We provide Plantain suckers with rapid growth, early fruiting, and high yield potential. (Giant Elephant Plantain Specie a.k.a AGBAGBA ERIN). Large quantities and as much as you demand.
    We deliver to any city in Nigeria, Call Yemi 08036320607, Kola bus stop Abeokuta express way. 10 salawu street Agbado station Adiyan Gas line, Lagos
  • Silver Ahimbisibwe said on August 25, 2014
    I live in Uganda & have been growing bananas in the central region for the last three years. Its very promising though quite challenging due to pests & diseases. I encourage who so ever lives in this part of the world with permanent land access to engage as banana market prices are going up everyday due to increasing demand. If you are short of suckers to start, email me at silverahimbisibwe@gmail.com.
  • Michael La Belle said on August 26, 2014
    My company, Mighty Grow, Inc. has been providing organic, processed chicken litter fertilizer to some of the Belizean banana growers for the past 6 months. So far the results have been very encouraging. Growth and production from the treated fields are up over 10% just within the past 3 months. If you are interested in using Mighty Grow pelletized fertilizer on your farm please contact the company at: growbig@mightygrow.com.
  • oke tawo said on September 15, 2014
    for those interested in plantain farm in Nigeria and wish to visit our farm for a proper look and to be sure that we deal on plantain business...kindly contact us in 08139120967 suckers are also available for sale thanks....Oke olayiwola taiwo
  • George Maitland said on September 15, 2014
    I'm living in Ethiopia and planning to do a small agriculture farm and interested in small amount of plantain suckers. But can you kindly email me some pictures of the Giant Elephant Plantain Specie a.k.a AGBAGBA ERIN. Kind Regards, George
  • Akinleye Cyril said on November 16, 2014
    how many suckers can I plant on a 200 square foot of land? I'Ve got the land cleared but haven't got the suckers yet. I'm probably waiting till the beginning of next year. Please, put me through!
  • holiab mumba said on December 19, 2014
    how much is required in terms of money for one to start up a 5 acres, the location is in Zambia Africa. thank you in advance.
  • igbinosa quentin said on January 6, 2015
    I have 12 acres in benin, edo state nigeria. I am thinking to start plantain farming on it or banana, pls can somebody advice me what to do
  • Thomas said on January 7, 2015
    hi, I banana farmed in Maui for one year and want to start bees and banana farming but I want a business partner plz email dorrance11111@gmail.com
  • ProsanjitPashi. said on January 20, 2015
    Hi, we want to do banana farming in 30 Bigha but we did no any process to do this farming so I request you sir to guide in this field. Mobile No. 09613964519.
  • awang said on January 22, 2015
    help me to start banana farming in kuching, sarawak malaysia
  • frank gaayo said on March 31, 2015
    i've a small piece of land with some banana trees but am now trying to look for all possible way of improving on the quality of production and quantity interms of out put so am looking advise
  • DAVID said on April 6, 2015
  • Ogunmoyo Olushola A said on April 9, 2015
    @David, I'm really happy to see the large scale at which you produce. I want to assure you that there's always market availability for whatever produce you venture into in Agriculture. All you need to do is get a proper marketing channel I.e local consumers, retailers, export agencies, government est. I will also advise you to venture into the production of processed foods that requires banana has a raw material considering your great raw produce base. thanks. Dolpheens World Nigeria, 08038459113; 08059730922 Animal Scientist/Agricultural Consultant
  • Charles Anyakoha said on May 7, 2015
    Hi, I run a Plantain and Banana(plantation)farm. Based here in Benin-City, Nigeria; I have high-quality Banana(Onitsha-Banana)SUCKERS for sale and also Plantain SUCKERS available for sale. we supply to any location in Nigeria. for details, you can contact Charles: 08059151187; 08030628893
  • Charles Anyakoha said on May 7, 2015
    @Elobuike Praise, yes we have the high yielding, short Banana suckers you need. you can reach me (Charles)via e-mail: anyakohacc@yahoo.com or call: 08059151187;08030628893 thanks
  • iranna said on May 26, 2015
    I want to do banana plantation in my land but I am financially poor. will get me subsidy banana loan
  • virgilioleyretana said on June 18, 2015
    With the cartelized if not monopolistic control of banana industry by the MNCs, how can the small banana growers have equity of prices and liberate themselves from virtual indenture servitude?
  • Rudi Patti said on July 13, 2015
    I am looking for a banana plantation business plan in English/French/Spanish.
  • Rudi Patti said on July 13, 2015
    The country of farm is Surinam or French Guyana
  • Rudi Patti said on July 15, 2015
    Banana farmers explicit plantain banana farmers in Ghana, I am also interested to invest and give small loans to small farmers. The intention is that together we will rule the banana market in Ghana and for export. If you are interested send a email to me, rudipatti@gmail.com. I live in Holland.
  • Moses T Dhlakama said on October 1, 2015
    I am a an experienced banana farmer and been a banana manager at a commercial farm at one of the best commercial banana farm in Mutare Zimbabwe for more than 5years.If ever there is anyone who need consultancy work and being assisted in growing bananas at commercial level can phone me on;+263772115418 or on my email address on;tardhlakama@gmail.com Can assist you from either growing bananas using suckers or establishing a nursery on tissue culture.Banana farming is a lucrative business which can enable one with a farm with a solid irrigation system and a reliable water source to embark on.Call me for any assistance in setting up a commercial banana farm.I will assist you.
  • nobin said on October 2, 2015
    I am interested and I am doing it now presently in very small. People may have huge uncultivated land and have interest but never start with big. I advice to start from small and give a try. it is a good and very affordable business and have very good scope in it. Let us do start some Banana Forum meeting. Sharing ideas and knowledge. Visit nearest banana farm. if any body interested find out where is good banana farm land. Let us go there and learn first. People perish due to lack of knowledge. First have knowledge and second hand skill, third planning and fourth financing. leave mail in nobinprasad1980@gmail.com
  • James Davies said on October 8, 2015
    I want to buy organic banana and plantain suckers in Africa. Where can I go and what does it cost per sucker it is very urgent. you can call me on +232 76 633 773. James
  • kaonde waswamema said on October 27, 2015
    In zambia's north western.... I want to extend my banana farm. help by mailing back now plz.
  • SHEIKH DALIL UDDIN AHMED said on January 28, 2016
    I am happy to find this website.Banana is an important commercial fruit and quite popular for all ages of all times. It is possible to form a Banana Group to keep this page alive.Please contact me as following: SHEIKH DALIL UDDIN AHMED Dhaka,Bangladesh aanaco@yahoo.com
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 30, 2016
    @SHEIKH DALIL UDDIN AHMED, Thanks for your interest. Where you would like to for a group? In facebook? Let us know your plans. In the meantime follow us on facebook and twitter for more updates.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Fidel kiago said on April 15, 2016
    Am Fidel from Nairobi Kenya and i have an interest to start agribusiness at my homeland Nyamira, where banana farming is done small scale, want to lease an acre and my question is how many trees do i need to budget on and measures of storing them after harvest, chemicals used in improving productivity, the best genus and how to know it minus lab testing. please help
  • oke taiwo beginner adviser said on May 4, 2016
    Hello fidel kiago,going into banan plantation is a very good business but you will need to understand the details involved. based on your question, i may not be able to answer to your satisfaction cos there are some details i need to know from you.for storing the harvest,i will recommend you to build a cooling room that doesnt use electricity (cheaper to construct). concerning the chemical, kindly contact me and how to know the best genus is to contact your local research institute that works on banana. you can also contact a lot of local farmers far and near so as to get the best genus. You can check my website www.farmlifeng.com thanks

    moyanbe@gmail.com || Consultant

  • Richard said on May 5, 2016
    im trying to start a plaintain farm in haiti, and im not sure were to begin. Can anyone make some recommendations on were to begin? Much appreciated
  • oke taiwo beginner adviser said on May 10, 2016

    @Richard, wow...thats lovely.

    the first thing is your land and your planting materials. then management, storage, sales.

    i will like to give you some info concerning this. kindlyy send an email to me farmlifeng@gmail.com or check my website www.famlifeng.com

    i wish you the best

    moyanbe@gmail.com || Consultant

  • balkrishna lamsal said on June 15, 2016
    Hi i'm balkrishna from nagarkot i have a banana farm and necessary in kavre palanchok. If u interested growing banana u can call 9849700123. I will help u.
  • LN said on January 11, 2017
    Hi, we are expanding BANANA farmings in all African countries. We supply seeds and expertise. all African youths, contact us. chairman@nec.edu.np
  • amos said on February 14, 2017
    Anyone intrested in buying banana, I have acres of land full of banana please contact me if interested at 08064470535 or amosolarinde@gmaill.com
  • Mohamed fofanah said on November 30, 2017
    Can banana trees do well in a savanna grassland?
  • April said on October 3, 2018
    Hi From UAE, We are planning to invest a business for bananas. Export from Philippines to Dubai, UAE. Can I know mam/sir, the details about your company and products? Are you a Banana Distributor? I will be happy to hear from you soon. Thank you and Regards. April, Executive Secretary. HMGroup (Dubai, UAE)
  • Vivek said on October 23, 2018
    Hi Team, Being a young of 28 yrs, I want your team to help me out to start a new business of the plantation of Banana(1000 trees) in a land of more than 1.5 acre which is actually under Sugarcane. In this Mauritius, we can see its becoming more difficult to get a good job having such a qualification as attached CV. Forgetting these things, please help me out, please. Thank you all
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