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Do you want to start a business but lack the capital to buy supplies? Why not use your knowledge and expertise as “capital” for a business? From your wealth of experience, you can offer your service helping others deal with problems on the field you are an expert at. Start a consultancy business.

While being a consultant sounds like a prestigious title and consultancy a lucrative business, one must understand that starting it as an enterprise is a serious business.

First, someone wanting to become a consultant must evaluate whether his knowledge in a particular field qualifies him as an expert or someone who can give others valuable advice out of his wealth of experience in dealing with issues and problems related to the field he wanted to pursue. This expertise can only be gained by years of work experience.

Second, it is a serious business that those who have been in the business for awhile, advise those who want to enter into the field that if they currently hold a full-time job, they should not be in a hurry to let go of it yet. The reality is, it takes time and a lot of hard work to get a business to take off especially if you are on your own, which is the usual scenario for anyone starting this kind of business. It would take months even years to establish a business reputation.

Two Ways to Start a Career in Consulting

While it is possible to come up with a general “how-to” guideline in starting a consulting business – getting licenses and certificates, setting up an office, registering the business -- a clear cut way to a career in consultancy may be difficult to plot especially for a small startup. Two ways to start small could be by offering a lot of free, no-risk consultation to form relationships, build a network and get one's name out; and sending out resumes for positions (even full-time ones) that need exactly the kind of service you will be offering as a consultant. From here, one’s career could go in many directions. What is important is to keep oneself active within the field of his choice. For starters, it is advisable to visit online forums to get valuable advice from those who have successfully made a career out of consulting. For those who have been in the business awhile, online forums are venues for them to offer advices that hopefully could lead to consulting opportunities.

Popular Consulting Fields

Business Management Consulting - Offers expertise in getting businesses to maintain growth and profitability. If you have had a career as a top executive of several companies, preferably under several industries, this opportunity is best for you.

IT Consulting Business - In this era of technical advancement, this field offers a lot of opportunities for people who are expert in information technology.

Business Plan Consulting - Offers clients advice on developing business plans that would help them meet investors, raise capital and develop the right strategy to succeed in the business.


  • MD Ashraf said on February 8, 2013
    I am a Computer Science Engineer. I want to stablish a mobile manufacturing company in Purnia Biahar. Please suggest me what is criteria for opening this company & what will be starting investment money.
  • Robin said on June 7, 2016
    I am robin,my dream is to start my own cell phone company. i have planned that i will be software designer & design my own software &hire a local phone manufacturing company like adcom and sell there phone with my name and after that i will establish a company... judt tell me that will this work
  • Ankit said on July 6, 2016
    Hello, I want to start mobile company in (India) and i have same nice ideas. And how to start and what to do. How much money i need......


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