Start a Training Company

Many people are now enrolling themselves on programs that would improve or maintain their well-being. As a result, the fitness industry has generated billions of dollars in revenues. Are you in the fitness industry as a personal trainer?

Why not start your own company instead of working part-time or for someone else? Learn what it takes to starting and running your own personal training business.

Due to factors like sedentary lifestyles of people because of the popularity of computers and televisions, becoming fit and healthy through exercise has become a challenge. This scenario has invigorated the fitness industry. Widespread campaigns are being launched to get people to eat healthy food and exercise often. As a result, more and more people are now becoming conscious of their food intake and the amount of exercise they do. As a result, the health club industry is now generating billions of dollars in revenues. If you have the training and passion for physical fitness and the entrepreneurial skills to run a business, you can start a personal training company.

Is a Personal Training Business For You?

If you are already working as a personal trainer, whether as an individual or an employee of a fitness club, you must realize that in addition to your knowledge and experience in administering fitness programs, entrepreneurial skills are important in putting up your own company. Running a personal training company isn’t for everyone. To run this kind of business, you must not only have the passion for fitness but the ability to effectively administer business strategies, manage staff and market services.

Running a Personal Training Company

  • Learn all you can about operating a personal training business from seminars and trainings conducted during fitness trade shows and conventions
  • Run fitness programs designed not only for individuals, but also for couples/partners and for small groups
  • You can offer instructions, counselling and coaching on exercise, nutrition, sports conditioning, physical therapy; as well as consulting for clients setting up personal training equipment
  • Your clients could be people recovering from an illness or accidents and are in an exercise or fitness program to regain physical functioning; amateur or professional athletes; performers who need to maintain certain physical forms; or stay-at-home moms
  • Determine your space and equipment needs after determining the type of wellness program you want to offer and the types of clients you want to serve. You might or might not need an office, or a gym. Would you be visiting clients in their homes, schools or offices?
  • Get contract with clubs looking for personal trainers
  • There is no license to become a personal fitness trainer, but you could well benefit from certifications and professional affiliations. For a personal training certification, visit the American Council on Exercise.
  • Add variety and value to your business by incorporating popular wellness regimen (like yoga) to your program and by selling health, and exercise related equipment and products

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  • zuki mankunzi said on April 19, 2013
    Hi there, I would like to start an indoor sports centre, that will eventually grow in into a soccer, netbal academy for the rural communities. I need a strong business plan that will sell. I have done my research and can confirm that there is a need for these services. Regards Zuki


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