Staffing Agency Fees

Generally, staffing agency fees are details that oftentimes are avoided to discuss. However, it is just right to know such information so that the agency will know if the company is willing to pay the appropriate staffing fee.

Thus, this would allow the agency know if all the efforts are properly compensated.

Most companies avoid discussing the staffing agency fees as they consider it unethical. The only option that an agency can have the chance to discuss it with their clients is when they have good relationship with each other. Also, you can obtain information accidentally yet you cannot ensure if it is reliable. Nevertheless, it is ideal to be armed with the information so that you will understand if all your efforts are well compensated.

Know your Right

Obviously, many employment or staffing agencies depends their operation on fee basis. They work on looking for workers that the company needs and paid for their services. Nowadays, many companies are outsourcing in hiring workers through the help of staffing agencies. The staffing agencies are advantageous for the employer in such a way that they can save money rather than hiring full-time workers. This is because workers from agency are just contractual employees. Without the workers the staffing agency will not proliferate and have no income. In this sense it is the right of workers to know if the agency is paying the right fee. Remember that workers are the money maker of the contractor and client.

In like manner, the agency would not inform you how much the percentage they receive is. Definitely, as a rule of thumb the agency receives 50% of the worker’s wage. On the other hand, workers have the right to negotiate for pay increase as long as he or she is qualified for the wage requirements. In this sense, before you accept the contracted job from the staffing agency you should first determine if they can pay you according to the position. As much as possible you should not commit yourself for a lower wage if you think that the position does not deserve such wage. Make sure that before you accept the job you should first determine if the wage is sufficient to handle the cost of living and other expenses.

Aside from the staffing agency fees, workers should also be aware about other compensations. If you are aiming for an increase see to it that you have valid reasons. If the agency cannot give the increase you demand think about if it is ideal to continue for the job. On the other hand, you have two options to choose of leaving the job. You can tell the agency that you cannot handle economically the wage you received. Obviously, the agency is not concerned about your argument and it would not affect them if you will leave the contractual job.


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