Social Security Members to Receive $250

In line with the stimulus programs, the federal government has released $13 billion that will be shared by more than 50 million Social Security beneficiaries, according to vice president Joe Biden. Starting in May, recipients will have $250 one-time payment that is expected to help common Americans in their finances.

Social Security members will receive $250 one-time payment starting in May following the release of $13 billion stimulus fund, according to vice president Joe Biden. With this program, more than 50 million Americans will benefit from this bonus.

This fund, which is part of President Barack Obama’s $787 stimulus package signed in February, is expected to help people to pay, Biden said in an interview with the media.

According to Social Security website, the payment will be sent separately from the member’s regular monthly benefit. The government agency added that recipients are not required to prepare or sign any document to receive the bonus.

Biden, who has been appointed to overlook the stimulus program, said that the payment is a proof of the White House’s objective to allow money to reach American communities instead of focusing on economic giants alone.

“We are already seeing a slight impact after the government’s initiative to boost our ailing economy. I am very hopeful”, the vice president added.

In addition this new program, the government is also planning to release more than $3.2 billion stimulus money that will support conservation and energy efficient projects that may address the looming energy crisis in the country.


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