Setting Up a Manufacturing Business

Once you decide to setup a manufacturing business, you should be armed with the right knowledge and skills to ensure success.

This is serious business and you must have a good plan to follow. Know the three areas that you must focus in to ensure success.

You are not alone in the manufacturing business. In fact, the competition in the market is stiff and if you plan to enter as well, you should be prepared. Being in the manufacturing industry is challenging and with a strategic plan, you have higher chances to succeed. What are the skills that you possess? You must first analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Having the skills to push a product in the market and achieving high sales is an advantage. You have to focus on a certain niche instead of targeting the general market. Think of manufacturing strategy that you can use and other things will follow.

Strategy Areas

Which type of product do you like? What are your business goals for the short and long term? Have you chosen a target market? Answers are needed to come up with a strategy. This alone can be divided into 3 areas – corporate, business, and functional. Having an organized business is great because the procedures will be easier to maintain. You also need to develop policies that all personnel will follow. This will make up the corporate strategy. On the other hand, the business strategy is actually how you plan to compete with others in the market.

Capital and other Issues

You will need substantial capital when opening a manufacturing business. In fact, this is capital-oriented and you must be watchful. You will have to address manpower issues, as well as costs. Knowing the latest market trends will give you an edge than other existing manufacturers. Functional strategy refers to the various business functions that are performed properly, giving the business a competitive advantage. There are many loops that you can encounter as you operate the business. As long as you’re flexible and armed with the best strategies, profits will soon roll in.

A manufacturing business will have different licensing requirements that those involved in wholesale or retail. You have to inquire at the state office about the license and permits that you must obtain. The fees are typically higher as well. You will need to choose a good location for the facility. Although it is possible to open a home based manufacturing business, you have to follow the zoning laws especially if your business is on a larger scale. There are designated areas in your region where manufacturing facilities should be located. It should still be accessible since you need to hire employees. Lease out the manufacturing facility and be prepared to work hard once it is set up. Know the strategies first.


  • lokesh agrawal said on August 14, 2011
    kindly please suggest me a manufacturing business which has a good market for its product and selling is not an issue.....investment is not a concern but the business must be good with high returns
  • VITALIS ZHARARE said on July 8, 2012
    i want to manufacture roof and floor tiles may you tell me about the process, raw materials and the machinery required
  • carlos kiyengo said on August 4, 2012
    I would like to open up a small canned drink factory in Uganda east Africa. I have already found the supplier of the plant but I need more technical advise please.
  • aditya agarwal said on January 21, 2013
    Kindly please help me out, as i would like to setup a manufacturing plant for pp/hdpe bags in my location akbarpur, uttar pradesh, india. So please help me out about the sales of the bags and also from where do i get the raw materials. Thanking you
  • Urvish said on December 23, 2014
    hi, I would like to start a Cooling Coil Manufacturing. Can some body guide me about the initial cost, machinaries and raw material etc Please?
  • prakash said on July 17, 2015
    kindly please suggest me a manufacturing business which has a good market for its product and selling is not an issue.....investment is up to 25lacks under pmegp but the business must be good with high returns
  • Khan said on November 13, 2018
    Hello i want to start manufacturing business but really have no idea what business which business is good i have no issues of investment but in start, i wanna have small business please kindly give some ideas of multiple businesses so that i can think about it.


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