Selling Trophies and Awards

If you want to start selling trophies and awards, you should first decide on the business structure or model.

Decide if you want to incorporate the business to partnership or corporation; with the limited liability option, you can enjoy many benefits. Find a storefront or create an online store.

If you have the passion for creating or selling trophies and award, why don’t you enter the business today? This is a great way to cater to corporations, sports teams, and establishments in your area and nearby cities or towns. With the right business plan, you can succeed in this type of business. The first thing that you must do is incorporate the business. You have to choose between a partnership and corporation. You also have the option to create a Limited Liability Company. It is vital that the business will have its own tax status, thereby having a separate entity. You will be catering to retail clients so you will need to find a wholesale supplier.

Starting a Trophies and Awards Business

When you opt for LLC, you can protect personal assets and you can enjoy solid tax for debts and income. The second thing that you must do is secure a license. Whether you plan to enter retail or wholesale, you have to get a business license. The requirements will vary among states, so you need to make an inquiry. If you want to get things done quickly, you should work with a reputed attorney. Choosing the business model is also vital. You will need a workshop and storefront. The business space should have enough room for the service counter, work area, and showroom.

To serve a wider area, you should opt for a drop-ship model. The supply will come directly from the warehouse of the supplier. Look for the ideal location in your area where you can have the store. Another option is to focus on an online business. You can become an online seller or perhaps a drop shipper. Make sure that choose the product lines. Most clients look for fair prices and quality products. You will have a better chance to succeed if you study the market carefully before making any business decision.

Selling trophies and awards on wholesale is a great way to generate profits. Why don’t you contact an established wholesale company? You should have your own marketing system to ensure success. Try to call government offices, private organizations, large corporations, and sports leagues in your area. If you give reasonable offers, you can sell many trophies and awards. You can also give personalized trophies and other engraved products. You can also offer desk sculptures and name plates. If you can provide the best products and services, you can get many referrals and walk-in clients. Try to join the Chamber of Commerce for added benefits.


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