Selling a Retail Business

Some people may suffer some deal of complication when selling a retail business. There are some points to consider in doing this such as fixtures, employees, leases and inventory.

But when you already know some of the pointers assisting you in selling a retail business, this will soon be just a very easy task for you.

If you are thinking of selling a retail business, make sure that you have all the necessary information needed before doing this. There are some things you need to be aware with which will help you sell your business the right way.

Ask For Help

First and foremost, you have to contact professional for some help. Agencies like Small Business Administration can supply you with some referrals to people or institutions who are dealing particularly with selling and pricing of retail business. Aside from that, this agency also holds retired executives who will also help you and may even volunteer along with SBA to help you in ascertaining the price of your retail business. Thus, you will have a precise decision with all the help that you can get from these professionals and agencies.

Decide for Selling Publicity

Once you already obtained help from the concerned agencies and professionals, the next thing you have to do is to decide how public you would like to offer your business to your possible customers. Just in case your business is intended for sales under wraps, you can consider online marketing instead of offering your business locally. In making the ad, make sure that it contains all the necessary information that is beneficial for your readers. But then, always keep in mind that you maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the business. But in case the local publicity is not important to you, you can seek for help in the local advertisers in your place. This is applicable just in case the business is in package deal and not in inventory sale.

Make a Business Package Information

Then, you need to make information package for your retail business. This must hold the information on the previous financial statements like cash flow, loss and profit. Aside from that, there must also be copy of the data about fixture values and inventory levels. This is a package which includes the data on the present contact agreements and present employees. Ascertain if there are some parts of your retail business which is not part of the sale.

Business Listing

Moreover, you must also list your venture based to your preferred privacy standards. There are several listing services that you can find in the internet. In terms of the public venue, there is no need for you to include some financial information. This is important because if there are interested individuals who would love to purchase your business, they will contact you easily in order to know such kind of information. The following are just your options in listing your business based from your privacy standards:

  • Business Journal
  • Newspaper
  • Retail Store Sign


  • sohaib masroor said on October 8, 2012
    hai, i'm doing my sanitary business around 35/years with my family in pakistan, we deal in ceramics tiles, sanitary wares, cp fittings, pipe and etc, please let me know how i export my product or where i settle my retail or wholesale business in canada. please give me advise best regard from sohaib masroor karachi pakistan thank you
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    i would like to start retail super market in hyderabad andhra pradesh india
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    I want to start a super market in Chennai,need your advice and information.
  • Devdutt Raval said on June 24, 2014
    We wish to start new business in Medicines. We are not aware of the procedure. Please inform us about the procedure, specimen of forms to be filled in for commencements of business.
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