Running a Concession Stand

Running a concession stand is a profitable business endeavor once you know the requirements and the essential procedures in handling your preferred industry.

However, every business entails deep planning and learning of the fundamentals, therefore, it is crucial for you to read this guide as we give you the pointers in running a concession stand to make it cost-effective and gainful.

Running a Concession Stand as a Lucrative Business

The idea of running a concession stand is one of the best options if you have a great passion in serving fast foods to public places where most people have no time to look for eateries or restaurants. As soon as there are many people who treat fast foods as the easiest way to satisfy their hunger or cravings, then this lucrative and money-spinning business will continue to flourish in the industry.

Typically, concession stands are ordinarily can be found in some public places like in local city parks, sport arenas, public beaches and resorts, as well as in large shopping districts where small food vendors are permitted to sell fast foods to the people. But it is not easy to manage a concession stand since you will undergo state laws and local business regulations before you are allowed to open up the business to serve food to the consuming public. When speaking of food, this concerns health issues and the local health departments are very strict in the issuance of food manager’s permit and license. Because of this, concession stand owners should be guided accordingly in order to keep the public protected against food poisoning and other health risks relating to fast foods.

Practical Pointers in Running a Concession Stand

In most cases, concession stand owners are those who have background and experience as short order cooks or those formerly part of a fast food chain since they already learned the ins and outs of the business. Hence, the great passion to serve foods is the important key to be successful on this fruitful business. To guide you well, just follow these practical pointers in running a concession stand.

  • Location – A concession stand should be located where there’s a big traffic for buyers. Examples of these are near public parks or community playgrounds, sporting venues like soccer field or basketball court, and close to shopping malls. Multiple locations is good unless you can handle all of them.
  • Mobile vs. Permanent – Permanent concession stands are most common which is stationary in a single location while mobile stands can move from one place to another. Whichever it is permanent or mobile concession stand, the important thing is that you can manage to serve, to store, and to supply your business for its stability in selling fast foods to people.
  • Menu and Pricing – Menu options must suit on the taste of the consumers and the price must be friendly, too. Competition is a great challenge in concession stand business if you sell wisely and knows what your customers love to eat.

The cost for starting a concession stand will consist of purchasing the equipments (e.g. fryers, ice chest or fridge) plus the processing of permits and licenses. You can contact the local business licensure office and health department for the acquisition of licenses.

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