Roadside Advertising Guide

Roadside advertising is an effective way of promoting a product or service.

This is because a lot of motorists will surely see the advertisements on the side of the road than any other places.

Billboards are number one example of a roadside advertisement. Billboards are usually located near roads where a lot of people or motorists pass by. They are also large in size and have good color and printing quality. The today’s advanced technology has given billboards good colors and excellent graphics. But as time passes by, the value of the billboards’ performance has increasingly diminished.

Billboards are now slowly being replaced by other types of roadside advertisements. One of which are mobile billboards. These mobile billboards are actually vehicles or trucks which has billboard on their side. One advantage of using a mobile billboard is that the advertisement will have greater impact on the public or somebody who will see it than with that of a traditional billboard. Based on a research, majority of the people who see the advertisement on a mobile billboard easily remember the actual contents of the billboard itself.

There are several things that you need to think about when choosing a roadside advertisement such as the form of the advertisement itself; either a traditional billboard or a mobile billboard.

If you will choose to have a traditional billboard, you must not put a lot of text on it because it will be useless due to the fact that motorists may not have the enough time to drive while reading your billboard from start to finish. You must only put a minimal text if possible to ensure that the people who will see it will be able to read the whole content of the advertisement itself. Always remember that your roadside advertisement will only have a limited time of exposure to the motorists who will pass by. You can also put graphic arts or photographs in place of the texts you removed. The most important thing is to select the right location for your stationary billboard; make sure that a lot of people will be able to see it.

The things that you will have to consider if you choose to have a mobile billboard instead of a stationary one are the places where the vehicles or trucks will drive by. You must make sure, just like in choosing a traditional billboard, that a lot of people will be able to see your advertisement. But unlike with the traditional billboard, people will have longer exposure to your ad since it is only eye-level view and it will appear bigger because it is closer.

In terms of cost, mobile billboard is more cost-efficient than a traditional billboard since you can have an approximate of five trucks roaming around the city with the price of having just one traditional billboard that is stationary.


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