Online Media Marketing and Advertising

In today’s time, internet has become a place not only for social networking but also for business opportunities.

There is a variety of online media that serve as tools in marketing and advertising online.

To this date, the number of people that uses the internet is vastly increasing that is why the internet has become an ideal place to advertise and market one’s business or product.

In creating a website, a webmaster chooses the type of online media he will use to be able to communicate with the visitors efficiently. Online media such as videos, music, interactive websites, internet radio, and web banners provide an efficient way to advertise or market a certain business or product.

Internet users nowadays do not just want a website that has a plain text but prefers a website with different media such as videos, music, and pictures. Each media has an advantage and disadvantage over the others.

In using a video in online marketing and advertising, you must consider the length or duration of the video itself. Remember that people do not want to view lengthy videos; they prefer watching videos that are short, brief, and straight to the point. Also, in video, the viewers will be able to see the sincerity of the person who is on the video presenting a business or a product. This adds credibility to the one presenting the video and the company he or she is representing. The disadvantage though of using a video is the bandwidth it eats up during the presentation. If you are streaming it, the user must have a good internet connection to be able to watch the video without any hassle.

You can also use music in online marketing and advertising. You can create a voice over for a presentation. This will add interactivity to your presentation. You can also use music in creating commercials and let the people listen to it.

Ad banners can also be used in advertising. Theses banners often redirect the viewers to a specific website if clicked. They serve as links to a webpage which may contain other type of media to be able to explain or present a product more clearly.

You can also send emails which contain videos, photos, and sounds of your products to your potential customers. One thing to consider though in sending emails is that you may be already invading the privacy of a certain individual. So instead of gaining a good reputation, the other way around might happen. Make sure that you have the consent of an email recipient to avoid invading their privacy.

In cases that you already have the different types of media on your website but you are still not having a good number of visitors, there must be a problem with the content or the design. You can seek help from SEO or search engine optimizers to help you in gaining more visitors.


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