Lead Generation Sources

Have you ever wondered what lead generation sources are? In the world of business, this is a term that is commonly used by the marketing department of any company to mean the gathering of information on possible sales leads that would potentially be beneficial to the company.

Read on and learn more about lead generation sources.

Before we learn about what lead generation means, let us first define some terms. Lead is a bit of information about a consumer who has willingly stated that they have interest in a certain product or service and has agreed to be contacted about that product or service. A lead may be composed of the consumer’s name and address as well as other information about the product or service the consumer is interested in.

Lead generation is the creation or “generation” of potential consumer awareness or inquiry about a company’s product or service. Lead generation sources are where the sales lead or the consumer that is possibly interested in acquiring or buying the products or services of a company or business. Lead generation can also allow the marketer to determine the profile of the customers they want to target and acquire only the leads that fit these profiles.

How are lead generation sources acquired and why? Lead generation is typically the responsibility of the marketing department or the company can choose to hire a third party. Nowadays there are companies whose primary job is to generate leads for other companies. Leads are normally obtained through search engines, direct mail, e-mail and by telephone. They can also be obtained by referral of a current customer or through a direct reply to advertising.

Each company has their own lead generation sources that they can use to provide leads for their companies. Some of they can be very simple and inexpensive while other methods are quite complicated. We’ll provide you with the complete list of lead generation sources that can be used by any company to market their products and services.

  • Search Engine Advertising involves bidding on keywords at pay-per-click search engines like Google Adwords and Yahoo!
  • Search Engine Optimization or improving the visibility of the company’s website by way of the natural search results.
  • Referral Marketing System is using your existing customers into a lead source.
  • Advertising by way of newspapers, magazines, trade publications, websites and e-zines.
  • Commercials though the radio and television
  • Direct mail sent to target market either by post or by e-mail.
  • Telemarketing by making phone calls to target markets.
  • Affiliate programs or partnering with other companies online to sell products and services.
  • Strategic partnerships where the company partners with other companies offline to sell products and services.

Most companies also set-up a system for lead generation which can produce a continuous source of what is called “highly-qualified” leads.


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