Reusable Shopping Bags for Retail Stores

Reusable shopping bags are as the name implies shopping bags that may be used and reused as often as they are fit to. This is to counter the use of paper or plastic bags that are only good for single use.

These bags ensure that there is a lesser need for their plastic alternatives, which contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere, and are non bio degradable.

Several governments have implemented and encouraged the use of these reusable shopping bags and do not recommend that the plastic ones be used. Because of the reusable bags safe toll on the environment they have been coined earth bags. The use of which will ensure a reduction of waste since plastic bags will not be used.

Retail stores have become more and more creative with their reusable shopping bags and they have since used such as a good promoter for products or services. This is through the print that is seen on the reusable shopping bag. Reusable shopping bags are very popular in retail stores since they do not only provide earth awareness to their customers, but also a stylish way to carry around their purchases. Reusable shopping bags have since evolved from plain bags to more stylish and well designed bags. Some establishments even offer you promos and discounts for the purchase and use of their reusable shopping bags.

Many establishments have yet to get their customers into the reusable shopping bag craze. This may very well be because of their lack of knowledge with regards t just how beneficial and important this small act can do for our environment. A plastic bag is non biodegradable; therefore it will simply continue to clutter our environment until around 450 years. That is how long it takes to biodegrade. The production of paper bags on the other hand, though using organic and non synthetic products most of the time; it is hazardous to our environment because of the pollution that is emitted. Recycling on the other hand of plastic is a process that is also dangerous to our air since heady metals are emitted into it, threatening our overall health.

Reusable shopping bags on the other hands save trees, water, gas, oil, prevent air pollution, water pollution, prevent potential hazards to animals and can help our environment and therefore overall wellbeing.

Some establishments will even offer you discounts for the use or their reusable shopping bags. The government continues to implement the importance of this conversion of plastic/paper retail store bags to those reusable types. This is because of the many environmental factors that are put to risk in the production of non biodegradable plastic bags.


  • b sridhar said on June 28, 2010
    give me clear idea regarding this product reusable shopping bags i would like to start
  • Sanji said on June 29, 2010
    Reusable bags are so right. Sanji, our own recycled bag company was founded with the belief that we should stop choking our planet with plastic rubbish. Sanji bags are made using recycled PET (Coke, Pepsi) bottles and out of old clothes. It comes in various sizes. Drop a line at to go the recycled way.
  • k.suresh said on September 30, 2010
    i would like to do recycle shopping bags, so plz give me ideas about this & machineries details and cost in tamilnadu.
  • Bidyut Dey said on December 6, 2010
    Hi, We have eco friendly shopping bags, which can be used again and again for long time. We can print company logos over the bags for promotional purpose. These bags can carry upto 15 kgs of weight. Other features are biodegradable, available in many size and shape etc. For more details log on to We are also looking for representative/agents/commission agents to market our bags in overseas markets.
  • jobby said on January 27, 2011
    hi, i am just a curious entrepreneur from paris, france.. i would like to manufacture some eco friendly shopping bags in my design.. i want to know your minimums and materials you regularly supply in.. thanks jobby
  • Ligi Santhosh said on October 18, 2011
    we want more information about recycle shopping bags ie its availability in kochi or tamilnadu ,models , material ,quantity & cost etc..
  • vidushi said on February 3, 2012
    I wants to open a small print shop for customer wise I can print recycled shopping bag so please tell from where I can purchase plain bags in bulk and also inform the available sizes and design.
  • diamond morales said on February 19, 2012
    I live in yuba county and would be much interested in this product. please tell me how I can start
  • Anshuma said on August 7, 2012
    Hi, I wanna start a new company of manufacturing reusable shopping bags. I want to know the cost of startup, machinery, location, raw material and all such details to start up this business in Adilabad Dist of Andhra Pradesh, India. I am fresher and wanna setup such manufacturing unit. Pls guide me.
  • Momo said on December 22, 2012
    Hi, I wanna start a small company of manufacturing reusable shopping bags. I would like to know the cost of startup, machinery, location, raw material and all such details to start up this business in Slovakia, Europe. Thank you
  • Deepa Gandhi said on March 23, 2013
    Hi, I would like to start a small company of paper reusable shopping bags in Chennai. Please guide me the cost of startup, machinery, raw materials and all. How much i wants to invest for this company. Thank You
  • Deepak rai said on June 21, 2013
    i want to know the total cost of starting reusable shopping bag manufacturing plant in madhya pradesh, reply soon.
  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on October 14, 2013
    @Anshuma, Reusable shopping bags can be made by stitching used fabric. They are tough and can be fashion statements. contact me for details || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • VIJAI BHASKAR expert adviser said on March 5, 2014

    @Deepa Gandhi, There is a unit of 2lacs bags / day .The project costs 500.00 lacs. contact for details :  Mob:081211-85183 || Plastic Manufacturing Consultant

  • niraj said on September 4, 2014
    I want to start a manufacturing set up so please provide information about machine and its market.
  • GAURAV SHARMA said on December 28, 2015
    I want to start a business of reusable bags, I want to setup a manufacturing plant of this please provide me the information in detail like about machinery cost market risk GAURAV SHARMA PATNA,BIHAR.


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