Raising Statice Flowers for Business

Raising Statice Flowers for business is like any other money making ventures. You need to consider several factors namely- target market, choice of flower product and how to conduct the flower growing business.

Target market of the product is very important. The demand of Statice flowers must be determined to have an idea as to the ideal amount of flowers that the farm has to produce.

Target Markets

This will also give a prospective Statice grower as to the viability of his product. Normally the flower crop is sold thru- wholesale and retail florists, flower markets, roadside stores and your own selling operation. They can be also sold thru- grocery stores, hotel and restaurants, etc.

It is also a wise move to start with a fairly small operation or a pilot farm, so that you can feel the market and Statice flower demand. Art in arranging your flowers also adds to its salability, though it will be an added labor cost. Potential markets abound, and can be availed with some imagination, patience and hard work.

Statice as a Flower Crop

Statice is a beautiful flower. It comes in varied colors like- white, pink, yellow, purple and orange. It has a straw like appearance with colorful blooms that grows in bunches. This plant grows up to more than two feet tall. It is a used for live and dried bouquets.

Statice flower must be planted in spring. It blooms twelve weeks after planting. This is an annual plant, but if planted in locations with warm weather, it can be grown all-year round.

Conducting the Flower Growing Business- Economics/Pricing

Seventy five per cent of the flowers in the American market is imported, mostly from Ecuador and Columbia. But local growers have built-in advantage due to its faster to market demand. Having constant contact with local florists can give valuable data about the business trend and pricing. It is best to be aware that the market is dynamic, with consumers constantly changing their preferences. To be a successful businessman, the grower must be willing to shift production to meet consumers’ preferences and demand

Transporting flowers is another important thing to consider in this business. Big-time growers transport their flowers “dry packed”. This means the flowers are packed in containers with ice packs, to lower the inside temperature of flower transporting boxes; or in temperature controlled containers for long distance deliveries. For short deliveries however, water buckets are used to prevent water stress of the flowers.


  • jagannath biswas said on December 5, 2009
    I want to raise statice flowers in hakimpara, jalpaiguri, west bengal - 745101, India
  • sudhansu sekhar parida said on December 22, 2009
    cuttack, orissa, india. sir, this is a coastal area. my investment money around 5 lakhs. so can u guide me. plz on the contrary i am Msc student. so give some tips for i ll be successful.
  • Neha Nagpal said on January 2, 2010
    plz tell me how flowers are transported & what kind of vehicles are used & why


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