Professional Athlete Endorsements

It is for more than a century now that brand manufacturers use professional athletes to heighten the image of their products or services. Typically, it is through event endorsements, athlete endorsements, and celebrity endorsements that they boost their brand’s image.

It has now become very effective to influence the consumer’s purchase decisions that companies spend more than millions on an athlete endorsement per year.

Why Choose a Professional Athlete?

There is now doubt that our lives partly evolves with the lives of the celebrities. By celebrities, we mean here of those who are widely known whether in the field of film industries, business industries, politics, and sports. We are very much interested with their lifestyle, especially those of the actors and actresses and even the professional athletes. Professional athletes now transcends from being a normal sportsperson to a national hero. This is entirely because their fans recognize and appreciate not only their talents but also their hard work, determination, discipline, as well as dedication to bring honor to their country.

It is because of these reasons that manufacturers nowadays usually choose a professional athlete to represent their brands over the other celebrities. Their credibility is unquestionable. Thus, when they endorse a product, consumers especially their fans will definitely patronize it.

Benefits of Professional Athlete Endorsements

A service as well as product endorsement through a certain professional athlete provides substantial and concrete competitive advantages to the business that he represents. Here are some of the benefits that Professional Athlete Endorsements give:

  • Endorsements made by Professional Athlete have an element of awareness in it. Notice that once they endorse a product, sooner or later it will be acknowledged by the public.
  • It also has a “cool factor”. We have this tendency to look up to these professional athletes. They are so cool most especially once they win a game. Hence, most fans who are also consumers will be inclined to think that the products that they endorse are also cool. So when Michael Jordan endorses Nike, almost all of the male and even the female population also used it in order to look cool also.
  • Another benefit that an endorsement of a professional athlete brings is the element of recall. Once a professional athlete endorsed a brand, people usually create a lasting memory of it. Like for example, when you see the athlete on television, and you would be asked of the products or brand that they endorse, you will automatically remember it or vice versa.

Other benefits that a professional athlete endorsement provides are mitigation of a broken image if any, ensured attention, establishment of the brands’ credibility, rejuvenating effect, and lastly, it also compensate the lack of any innovative ideas of the manufacturers.


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