Opening a Paintball Field

In the event that you are planning to run a paintball field, it is very important that you have to consider certain factors. As you know, it is a major business undertaking that will require you to do a lot of homework to vision if the idea is practical or not. Competitors nearby your area are one of the factors that you need to determine. If not, you’ll surely be lucky one. Operating a paintball field is not easy.

But as long as you do your homework you will surely be successful in this endeavor.

Appropriate Zoning and Licensing

The first thing that you need to know is to find out if the area you’ve selected for your business has appropriate zoning to operate this venture. In the officials on your area are not familiar with the painful, you might need to use your convincing skills. In this part you need to explain to them the advantages of this endeavor for them to realize. It is very significant to acquire a permission or license to avoid future problems with the officials of your area.

The following are some of the must requirements for opening a paintball field:

  • Incorporate your business in order to reduce your liability
  • Getting a business insurance would be helpful especially liability insurance
  • Pave and clear land for parking of the vehicles
  • Purchase bunkers
  • Thin woodland areas of brush and trees
  • Acquire CO2 tank as well as nitrogen tank for reloading the weapons
  • The referees should have their individual uniforms
  • Employ a book keeper
  • Obtain a credit card merchant
  • Purchase equipment that can be rented by players like barrel plugs, markers and goggles.
  • Obtain numerous paintballs wholesale
  • Setup phones, electricity, running water and a bathroom and shelter
  • Make an advertising campaign

Equipment for a Paintball Field

If you are starting your paintball field, equipment play an essential role on your business. The best technique here is to start with few types of equipment and add more as your business progresses. This is very important for starters because your main goal should be known as the best paintball field in town not just the money that you can acquire. Remember your cost and expenses for a starting business.

The equipment that you will be needed to run a paintball field could become quickly exhaustive but it is very important to understand that a starting business like yours must have a goal and that is to attract players in the area not just to acquire money. As they say don’t count the eggs yet, if the chicken is not yet laying eggs. It also goes the same way on venturing a business; you should start first with few types of equipment and just add them as your business grows.


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