Planning a Business Seminar

A seminar is a very important event for a business. This is where your business management and team coordinates towards one goal and talks about a certain topic which is an important concern to your present business. A successful seminar can be attained depending on how well it is being organized.

Your seminar objectives, schedule and budget are only few of the many things that you should prepare if you are planning a business seminar. So if you want to achieve a sound and effective seminar, you must plan and prepare all necessary things ahead of time.

One common event that planners organize is a business seminar. Seminars are either scheduled half day or whole day. However, even how many hours are involved in a seminar; one should be an effective event planner to achieve a successful business seminar. You may consider this step-by-step process below in planning a business seminar.

Confirming the Event’s Purpose and Creating the Event’s Profile

Prior to making researches about the selection of venue, you should focus first on the fundamental objectives behind the event. Ask yourself who your audience is, what will be the topic or agenda of your seminar, where it should take place and why people should attend. As you have already guided to the event’s purposes, it is time for you now to research for the probable venues for the event. It is essential that you work closely with the event host or organizer to identify the kind of venue where the seminar will be both convenient for your guest and the organizer.

Request for Venue Proposals and Outline the Needs for the Seminar

Venues are amicably happy in providing an estimate for a probable seminar. To determine how to plan for your event, they need various information like the event date, attendee number, preferred room setup—u-shape, classroom, event time, requirements for food and drinks, audio visual needs—mics, screens, projector, function room setup and others.

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Creating the Event Materials for Communications

Planners are essentially responsible in taking care of making event invitations, printing event agenda and other related materials, securing attendee raffles or gifts, creating name badges, shipping event displays and signage.


Finalizing Logistics with the Event Host and Event Execution

Before the event takes place, you must confirm and complete all requirements for the event such as the event speakers, A/V requirements, number of attendees, host responsibilities and roles and the materials needed for the event. On the day of the actual event, expect that there will be attendees that will arrive early, there are some that will arrive late and however prepared you are, there will always be some technical glitches.


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