Guide to Set Up a Tele-Seminar

If you want to set up a tele-seminar, you can use this simple guide. It’s not really hard to come up with your own tele-seminar.

Take advantage of the free bridge lines and ask your friends to help out. Design a script and you can already run the tele-seminar with ease.

Powerful Tool

The internet can’t be ignored these days. One of the most powerful mediums that businesses can use to enhance communication with potential clients is through teleconference or tele-seminar. Setting up a tele-seminar is easy as long as you follow the right guide. This is the best way to discuss informative information pertaining to your business. Through efficient communication, your business can become successful and earn more profits. To set up your own tele-seminar, you must educate yourself on the various features of tele-seminars as well as its functions and capabilities. Today, you can already find free teleconference lines and if you want to try it out, you can get your very own free bridge line.

You can test out the features of the line together with some of your friends. Choose a topic and proceed with the tele-seminar. You will need to create a script for the tele-seminar so you will not forget the key points and the topics that you want to discuss with the audience. Make sure that the audience fully understands what you’re talking about. Follow the steps on how to record the tele-seminar so that you can review it later on. After that, you can now upload the tele-seminar to your own site so that potential clients may be able to see it.

Next Steps

If you have successfully uploaded the tele-seminar, you can now send out email blasts to your list of clients and invite them to be part of your teleconference call. Don’t forget to include all the call details and try to offer a discount or a promotional measure at the end of the tele-seminar. Provide your potential clients with the outline of the topics that are going to be discussed during the teleconference so that they can easily follow. Without it, your clients can easily get lost.

To set up a tele-seminar and be able to invite clients, you will need your own website. You can work with ease if you have your own computer and reliable internet connection. Once your client is able to view the tele-seminar on your site, he or she will get an idea about the whole process. Sending out the emails should be done carefully. The contents of your email are very important. Include all the necessary details about the tele-seminar that you’re going to hold. Prepare your script beforehand and study it. You need to appear very knowledgeable so that clients will view you as an expert in your field. Convince your audience about the benefits that they can enjoy if they patronize your business.


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