Pizza Marketing Ideas

The world is still crazy about pizza. Everywhere you go, there’s a pizza store or pizza house.

It has been a food favorite for many years now. Pizza house owners have always been very creative in marketing their pizzas.

Free Taste

This idea has been used by so many other products and beverages. In the pizza world, this would also be a success. Make your pizzas smaller or bite size. Make sure that the taste of your free taste pizza is 100% the same with the taste of the pizza you ordinarily prepare and sell to the customers. Honesty in this kind of business is essential. If you make your free taste pizza more delicious than that you sell, it will give a negative impression to your customers. Worse, you might end up being bankrupt because there are less people coming in your pizza house.

Gimmick in Public

Doing fun gimmicks in public places may also be a great idea in marketing your pizza. You may, from time to time, put up a small kiosk in a park or in a trade fair to let the people recognize your pizza. Through this, you will be able to advertise your pizza and at the same time, you earn that very same moment. You may also bring your whole family with you to give an impression that you and your family are really into your business together. You may also go to the mall and look for a place there where you can put up your kiosk and sell your pizza there. The mall is the most common place where different types of people go to relax and enjoy. In this area, you may start using a “mascot”.

Ever since mascots came to the being of the business world, it has always charmed the kids and other people coming in and out of an establishment. Make sure that your mascot is charming and is not scary. Kids never lie on what they see and because of this you do not want to be humiliated in front of many people if a kid tells your mascot that it’s scary or ugly. You may also use a jingle to attract buyers. A pizza may attract customers through itself. But it will be more attractive if you would collaborate it with a jingle. Your jingle should contain what the people would experience if they taste your pizza and never lie. That is what’s important in this kind of business.

Use the Power of Mouth

This has been the most common way to advertise your pizza. The word of mouth, the fastest way to spread the news that you have a pizza product and it is good tasting so it’s worth the penny they buy it for. Tell your friends, the friends of your friends, the friends of the friends of your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, and even the people passing by your house or your pizza house.


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