Ostrich Farming

Ostrich farming seems to be very unusual to those who are not in line with the agricultural profession. Unknowingly, this is a very promising venture that does not only provide high profits but also teaches a person with some information regarding the life of ostriches.

If you are considering this venture, then, it is right to read this article.

If you want to start your own ostrich farming business, there is some information that you need to know first. This information will definitely guide you in gaining success in this type of venture.

Choose the Proper Location

You must first put in your mind that having an ostrich farming business always needs favorable location. In connection with this, you need first to look for a place that is perfect for an ostrich farm. One good tip in choosing the place to put your ostrich farm is to not ever choose highly humid place. The reason behind is that high humidity places are very much perfect for increase in the growth of harmful microorganisms. The ostrich chicks are very much sensitive to infection. So this type of place will not promote productivity of your venture. Also, choose a place that is large enough when your ostriches have already become mature.

Determine the Initial Number of Ostriches that You will Raise

When you have already selected the proper location of your Ostrich farm, the next aspect to consider is the number of ostriches that you will initially raise. You must be certain with this because as a starter in the business, you may find it hard to take care of too many ostriches at the same time. Ostriches usually lay eggs daily. There are also some that resumes laying eggs for one to two weeks. In this type of business, you do not really need to buy plenty of ostrich chicks. This is because a typical ostrich has a life span of 30 years. This means you have longer time to breed these animals.

Proper Ostrich Food

Once you have already purchased your desired number of ostriches to take care of, you should put in your mind that these are the types of animals that consume high amount of water. Particularly, you can expect that one ostrich can consume two gallons of water every day. The primary ostrich foods that you have to give them include corn, soy or alfalfa.

Formulate Ostrich Farm Plan

Once you are already starting your ostrich farm, you also have to think of what ostrich marketing plan you will do. The primary product that you can get out of this animal is meat. So make sure that you will contact the possible buyers of ostrich meat available in your locality. Ostrich feathers can also be sold, so look for your target market. In order to fully help in formulating your marketing or business direction, you are advised to make plan for your ostrich farm goals, ideas in marketing, risk identification and possibility of ostrich farm expansion.


  • HAKIZIMANA Laurent said on January 28, 2013
    My project is to start a farm of ostriches in my country RWANDA, Kigali city if you have a document or a book about it, is an opportunity to help me for gaining more knowledge about that breeding. Thanks for your support.
  • Amit kumar mehra said on March 2, 2014
    can anyone help me in starting my ostrich farm in India, punjab, Hushiapur
  • Amin Qureshi said on June 20, 2014
    I intend to establish an ostrich farm initially with 15-25 baby ostrichs at my agriculture land in village Khuddian, district Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. I can spare 2 to 4 acres of land to start it. It can be extended as per need. I desire to start it in Oct-Dec. 2014. Frankly speaking I have no idea or experience in this field. Therefore, can somebody guide me from A to Z with complete details to establish it? Urgently I need to prepare fencing ground and shelter etc to complete it to practically start it in Oct-Dec. 2014. Kindly advise me step-by-step. I shall be grateful an early response at my email address: "ostir-bird@hotmail.com". regards, Amin Qureshi
  • Imran Shaukat. said on July 9, 2014
    i am interested in setting up ostrich farm in Sadiqabad. i need complete information such as where can i get chicks and potential ares where can i get good buyers. My email is Imran_shaukat@hotmail.com. Regards. Imran Shaukat.
  • sharon ngobene said on August 4, 2014
    hi i am interested in opening an ostrich farm in africa mozambique, please send me information and guide lines on how i should go on about it sharonngobeni@yahoo.com


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