Environmental Impacts of Organic Farming

It is in your own discretion to choose the food that you are going to eat. It may be between foods that are grown through conventional farming or organic farming.

It will all just depend on how you scrutinize which devil is more evil especially in the consideration of the environmental impacts of organic farming or conventional farming.

Perhaps, many of us have heard about the different benefits that we can get from organic farming. For the most part, we will hear it from the media or from some experts when it comes to the environment. However, there are some studies nowadays that are brought into the light that will show the different environmental impacts which are brought about by organic farming.

Organic Farming Effects on Earth

We all know for a fact that the organic foods that we buy in the market are more environmentally sound when we compare it with the other foods. Some of the reasons why we can say such are:

  • These foods are grown with the use of farming methods which have low impact in the environment
  • And these foods are also taken care of properly by methods for organic farmers in dealing with problems when it comes to pest

It must be noted that with the use of organic farming, farming will no longer entail the use of the following:

  • Compounds
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides

Inefficiency of Organic Farming

Despite the fact that there are plenty of benefits that we can get when it comes to organic farming, critics will still fight that organic farming is nothing compared to conventional farming. What they are saying is that by making use of conventional farming, farmers will get more yields. Moreover, the critics of organic farming will also content that organic farming cannot feed a lot of people. They are saying that they doubt whether organic farmers are able to produce the right amount of foods that the world needs right now with the use of organic farming.

Another claim by critics of organic farming when it comes to the environmental impact that it can give is the fact that it is not prevalent all over the world. It means that it needs to be shipped to other places where people need it. However, critics contend that some organic foods that are shipped are shipped in less friendly methods. What environmentalists suggest to people is to buy those foods that are made available by being grown locally since of the environmental impact that shipping might bring.

Organic Farming Effects to the Body

For the most part, a lot of people will say that organic foods are healthier compared to the foods that are conventionally grown. This is so because it doesn’t have the added growth hormones as well as the other questionable elements that we can find in conventionally grown foods. However, critics will tell you that organic foods can even pose greater danger than the later. Of course, conventional farming would just make use of chemicals while organic farming uses animal feces that might affect the health of consumers.


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