Need for Sustainable Agriculture

Due to hunger, there must be some endeavors that we should do to make sure that there would be the answer for the manifestation of hunger.

One of the best ways that one can consider is the need for sustainable agriculture.

Let us accept it, the world that we are living I right now is characterized with the increase of population all over the world. Obviously, there are plenty of mouths to feed and there are only few foods to be eaten. That is why it is an apparent needs for sustainable agriculture so that there would be an answer for hunger in the whole world.

Sustainable Agriculture

If we are to hear the phrase sustainable agriculture, we would surely think that it is easy to understand such. But the truth is, sustainable agriculture is a new branch of science. This has been the answer for the growing manifestation of hunger all over the world. More so, it is very important to grow crop and at the same time to make sure that the environment is still taken care of. After all, we must always remember that all the resources that we have can be depleted at one time just like:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Food

Aspects of Sustainable Agriculture

There are three aspects that we must remember when it comes to sustainable agriculture. These are:

  • To ensure the demands of the foods that is needed today
  • To make sure that the next generation that will follow will have the demand for food considering the depletion of the natural resources like water as well as soil
  • To ensure that natural resources like water and soil will not deplete

However, we must not just think that sustainable agriculture is very easy to do. The theories that are in it might be easy but the application may be not. With the change in pattern when it comes to agriculture, sustainable agriculture might not really be that easy. Of course, there are plenty of lands that are put to waste because of using it to unnecessary things.

There is also the contribution of the government so that sustainable agriculture will be fully realized. There must be the consideration when it comes to the lesser duties as well as lowered taxes subjected to farmers. Education too is very important for farmers so that there would be sustainable agriculture. Farmers must be given the right information so that they can be well-equipped with the right fertilizers that must be used so that the soil will be fertilized. After all, to have fertilized crops, there must be fertilized soil first. And when these things happen, there would be the full-realization of sustainable agriculture.


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