Raising Red Wigglers

Red wigglers or usually known as red worms could compost organic waste and can be used as fertile top soils as well as a well-known fish bait and for feeding purposes only. Raising large quantity of red wigglers does require adequate planning and care than simply sustaining your worm bin.

A small worm farm could surely produce bulky batches of worms annually, especially if it is properly care.

Setting Up Your Worm Bins

Professional bins normally cost from $50 to $100. A 5 to 10 gallon bins for a smaller amount each year that will only cost for $15 is ideal. It is also best that they are not see-through because worms love to flourish in darkness. Bins must not be deep and should be shallow hence worms will thrive in the top of 6” soil. The bin should be placed out of the sun, if possible put the indoor, wherein worms can reproduce. Make sure that the bins do have a lot of holes. For the worm bedding, it would be great to choice coir bedding, which is prepared from the fiber of the coconut. Worms do love moist environment, so make sure that there’s enough moisture level.

  • Care and Maintenance

    Suitable diet is very essential for a healthy produce of worms. An specially made cereal feed is an ideal option because it include a balanced diet ideal for red worms. It is very important to do not over feed your worm because overfeeding could lead heating up in the route of composting, which forces them to go downward.

  • Why Red Wiggler worms for fishing?

    Red wigglers are ideal for fishing for the reason that they could survive for about 5 minutes while they are on the hook. The fishes won’t become aware of your trap if your bait is already dead. The ability of the red worm to wiggle while in the water makes them inviting. Even if they are just 4 inch long they are better than European Nightcrawlers. Red wigglers are well known and you will not have the problem in terms of their supply.

  • How to Raise Red Worms for Fishing?

    Raising red worms is generally not difficult even if it is just in small bin. As you know these bins are available in the market. It comes in various designs and sizes. It is depends on the quantity of wastes that the amount of red worms that you wanted to raised. There are several options and you can make your own if you like.

A successful maintenance and care of red wigglers can surely make them as successful endeavor whether you want raise because you wanted to have your personal farm of red wigglers or you want to make it as business. If you are hesitant because it is your first time to raise red wigglers, consulting an expert that can help you.


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