Grass Fed Farming

If you want to succeed in grass fed farming, you should be equipped with the right knowledge and skills.

Learn everything about grass-fed cows and how to nourish the grazing fields. With proper management, you will succeed.

Why is it that a lot of people are now interested in buying grass fed beef? The most obvious reason is the full flavor beef and the lean cuts that you can derive from the healthy cows. If ever you consider grass fed farming, you will need to gather relevant information that you can use to make this venture a success.

Some Facts on Grass Fed Farming

Most of the grass-fed farms are family owned and to ensure your success, you will have to devise a plan. This is a serious undertaking and if you think that it is easy to grow the cows since grass is widely available, you’re wrong! You should know a great deal about planting the grasses and you also have to supply them with the needed nutrition. The price of the beef will be on a per pound basis but some farms also sell the whole cow. For instance, a whole cow that is about 600 lbs will cost you $1,800.

There are many health benefits of raising grass fed cows. You should be aware that the nutritional value of the meat will depend on what is being fed to the animal. Most of today’s customers prefer the grass fed meat because it is tastier but the only drawback is the higher price. When it comes to total fat, the grass fed beef doesn’t contain too much fat in comparison to grain fed beef loin and the commercial chicken.

Other Benefits of Grass-Fed Cows

The meat contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is also good for the body. With these health benefits, you are sure to make some money. Customers also prefer this meat because it reduces the risk of cancer. Instead of focusing on factory farm beef, you should consider grass fed farming. You will need to learn a lot about the processes and the details of this type of farming.

There are many breeds of cows that you can grow but according to growers of the grass fed cows, the Black Angus is the most popular because it can thrive on 100% grass. You may need to find suppliers of these cows if you want to your farm to thrive. Taking good care of the cows all year-round is vital to success. You will have to plant the grazing grass and provide it with the needed nutrients. The cows should be rotated in the different locations of the farm to ensure that they are fed well. With this huge responsibility, you will have to hire some extra help. What are you waiting for? Start your own farm today.


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