Construction of Dairy Farm

Once you are in the livestock industry, you’re biggest challenge would be on the proper construction of dairy farm. It is indeed hard to find the best design for the construction of your dairy farm and this usually entails intensive planning and heavy budget for the realization of the project.

Learn to construct your dairy farm with these valuable tips.

Helpful Ideas for the Construction of Dairy Farm

The livestock industry contributes a lot for the production of food for the people by providing meat, dairy, and milk products for day to day consumption. If you’re one of the farm owners who are planning to build a dairy farm which is operational and productive, the construction of the dairy farm is definitely a major concern that should be planned carefully to make the business successful and thriving.

According to farm experts, there is no such farm construction design which is “best” to consider, since the farm animals can live on any kind of facility. However, the chosen construction design for the dairy farm should follow the standards of the industry to ensure the welfare of the farm animals and to protect the community from the spread of disease, or any form of contamination that can affect the health not only of the animals but also of the people as well.

Based on the website of, the construction of a dairy farm is labor intensive, depends well on the amount of available fund, and the availability of management resources. These three important aspects are vital for the creation of an ideal dairy farm for the calves so you can start your dairy farm business with ease and without difficulty.

Valuable Tips for the Construction of Dairy Farm

There are four major points that should be considered in the construction of a dairy farm:

  • Good Ventilation – The design of the construction must support a good ventilation system that will let the fresh air flow freely inside the pen, thus providing maximum comfort for the calves particularly in times of hot weather during summer days. Other benefits of good ventilation system as it can remove harmful organisms, elimination of foul odors, and to regulate temperature inside the calf hutch. However, make it sure that the amount of air flowing internally will not chill the calf so be aware of it.
  • Proper Isolation – There are certain considerations in terms of isolating the calves in the facility for preventing the possibility of disease transmission among the young calves, specifically within 14 days after weaning. It is advisable that every hutch should maintain a distance of at least 2 feet away from each pen; this will hinder the facial contact between the calves.
  • Maximum comfort – It is recommended that individual pens should measure 32 sq. ft. for each calf. Make it sure that the resting area of the calf is comfortable and you must place the feed as well as the water out of the hutch. For their hygiene, you must dispose the urine and dung regularly.

These simple tips are based from the recommendation of dairy farm experts and there are more construction designs you can apply as soon as it follows the standards of the industry.


  • Ajit Jacob said on July 25, 2011
    Planning to start a Dairy project (around 40 to 50 cows near Thenni in Tamil Nadu. Need to know exactly the amount of land that would be required in terms of acres and the support available from the government for such projects.
  • mohan b.patil said on June 8, 2012
    planning to start a dairy farm in belgaum with 5 cows and 5 buffaloes I have five acres of land. how much fund will be required to set up dairy farm with automatic feeding equipments. I have given my wife's email address please send information.
  • JAMES MAHUNDI said on August 1, 2012
    Planning to start a dairy farm in Tanzania with 6 cows and 2 buffaloes, 8 female pigs and 3 male pigs, and 1500 chicks in Coast region . Need to know the size of land in terms of acres.
  • Nagaraj Avverahalli said on August 14, 2012
    I am planning to setup the dairy farm in my native at Mandya dist with 8-10 cows initially and expand it to the production of different products of dairy i.e butter, curd, ghee etc... I want to know the land size required and to know about the marketing of the products.


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