Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming

Sustainable farming is the vision of the 21st century in managing the land resources without causing pollution in the environment. Sustainable agriculture and organic farming help to support the agricultural needs of the consumers.

Thus, it is important to know how to implement organic farming to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable agriculture is one form of farming that utilizes the principle of using the natural way of raising livestock and crops. The goal of the principle is to produce nutritious and healthy food that is self-sustaining. It is important to understand the vision of the holistic approach so that you can carry out the task very well and at the same time protect the environment. Likewise, the sustainable agriculture is the result of vibrant rural communities as well as the rich lives of the families in the farm who exert effort in producing wholesome foods.

  • How to Survive Industrialized Agriculture?

    Having the goal to produce abundant and cheap foods, the agriculture merged with the industry. The conventional method of agriculture has degraded the soil and the water. That is why the government gives emphasis in producing high quality products and at the same time reduced the farmland biodiversity.

  • Principles of sustainable agriculture

    Sustainable agriculture has been adapted by many farmers as a way of countering the impacts in industrial farming. However, despite of the infancy of the sustainable agriculture, organic products have flourished in many groceries. Moreover, sustainable agriculture and organic farming is not an easy formula. This is because each farm has its own approaches and needs to achieve sustainability. However, there are basic principles that can help farmers implement organic farming in the right way.

    A farmer who wants to achieve sustainability must reduce using of synthetic fertilizers. Instead, farmers should increase the nutrient cycle by minimizing tillage. This means that it is important to manage the soil organism and at the same time preserve healthy diversity. Another way to maximize the sustainable agriculture farmers should practice maximizing the biodiversity and building the soil. In this way, the organic matter increases and at the same time reduces the erosion and water runoff. Likewise, using of pesticides should be the last resort after using cultural and biological controls.

  • The Challenge

    Obviously, organic farming can boost sustainable agriculture as long as the farmer follows the principles of maintaining ecological balance. In this sense, the government is challenging farmers to generate healthful produce. In this way, it is guaranteed to fight world hunger and other related challenges such as pesticide contamination. There are several approaches of implementing sustainable agriculture. As long as a farmer would understand the procedure it is very easy to generate healthy produce for the consumers. You can ask help from professionals so that you can make a good start when implementing sustainable agriculture.


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