Organic Hog Farming

Organic hog farming does not only benefit the consumers but the environment as well. With this, keeping some things in mind about organic hog farming is necessary as this will help you to get its utmost benefits.

Raising hogs can start as a small business but once you are able effectively apply the necessary stuff that you should consider, you will be open to the possibility of expansion and this can definitely leverage your family’s finances.

Organic hog farming is an effective way of raising hogs in a natural way. Due to its increasing popularity, more and more hog raisers and farm owners are turning to organic hog farming.

Choose the Right Breed of Pig

Various breeds have different needs as well. Choosing the breed of the pig is important as there are some breeds which can be raised in a traditional way while there are also those which are appropriate for an indoor environment. When picking the right breed of hog for your farm, choose the big and healthy ones. If you are going to pick male hogs, castration is important to be performed. In addition, they should be vaccinated and immunized from illnesses to avoid any harm on their health.

Proper Nutrition

Providing the hogs with proper nutrition is always important to keep in mind. You can let the hogs graze in pastures or in open range farms. The idea here is to use the sun and the natural ventilation to provide the pigs with a better environment. Doing so also serves as a form of exercise for the pigs to stay leaner and healthy. However, it is still important to make sure that the plants which are scattered in the area are beneficial and clean. Pigs can also be introduced to organic diets such as flax seed, barley, organic corn, roasted soybeans, buckwheat, minerals and vitamins intended for organic production.

Build a Sturdy Pen

When you build the pen, make sure that it will protect the hogs from various weather conditions. You also have to remember that they will grow bigger in the next few months. With this, ensure that you will make the pen roomy enough, for them to be able to move comfortably inside the pen.

Make them Comfortable

Making sure that the pigs are comfortable is necessary to consider. This can be done by building them with a comfortable shelter where there is enough ventilation and providing foods that contain the right nutrients for them. Always make sure that their shelter is clean to avoid any possibility of developing certain illnesses due to an unclean environment.


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