Open a Ballet Store

Ballet is a classic dance that compels grace and precision. It is also a dance that actualizes an expression through defined steps, movements and gestures.

If you have the art, the passion and the interest in ballet then you may want to contemplate to open a ballet store.

If you are thinking of opening a ballet store then be specific with your wants. Do you want to do retail business or wholesale business? Do you want a specific product only or do you want to sell anything and everything about ballet. Do not over project. Make a plan which is do-able and attainable. Close your eyes for about 5 – 10 minutes and visualize what you want to achieve in about 5 years in the business. Do you have enough money to put up your ballet store? Good for you if you have enough start-up capital but if not don not despair because there are bank that offer loans for small and medium enterprises with no collateral. You can also ask assistance from friends and family as well. Offer partnership or co-ownership with them. Scout for the best place where you can put up your store. Before you can start with the operation of your store you have to apply for the necessary licenses and permits. Think of a business name that suit your store and that will transcend time.

Once you are able to do all of these, you can now start to choose the products you would want to be available in your store. Look for companies which manufacture the best ballet products. There are several items you may want to be available, ballet clothing and apparels, tights ad leotards, ballet shoes, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, accessories, ballet DVD’s, ballet gift items, ballet books and magazines, ballet music, ballet poster and diet and health for ballet. Once your store is already picking up then you may want to open a ballet studio next to your store. This is another way to attract more customers to patronize your store.

Advertize your store. What are the possible marketing strategies you can take? Distribute flyers and post banners. Bring calling cards in your bag. Anywhere and everywhere you go find the right timing to be able to distribute your calling card to friends, acquaintances and new found friends. You can make use of the internet. Create a website for your store or you can tie up with the more established online shopping website. Online business is one of the easiest ways to advertize your business.

Your staff is also an additional factor to consider. Hire the most efficient staff and sales associates. Orient them with every detail of all the products available in your store. All your staff and sales associates should be courteous to attract more customers. List down every sale made for easier accounting and auditing.


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