How to Start a Gemstone Store

Millions of people love jewelries and many have fetish for gemstones. How to start a gemstone store is a business worth trying not only because of the profit you will earn but also the fact that you are doing business that makes a person look more attractive.

A gemstone store is one lucrative business. But how to start one is one of the many considerations to take.

Planning is always the top priority in a business. Make a feasibility study of the business. Read books from your local library. Purchase books in bookstores in your area. Attend seminars and forums regarding the gemstone industry. Enroll in a business entrepreneurship class. It is always best to go to business armed with the knowledge on how to run it best.

How much capital will you invest in this kind of business and do you have enough funds to start the business? If you think you can start as sole proprietor then proceed right away with the next step of your plan. But if you still need additional funds then look for banks or financial institution that offers loan. Look for the one that offers the lowest interest rate. There are also banks that offer no collateral loans to small and medium enterprises. Borrow money from friends and family and ask them if they want to be your partner or co-owner of your store.

If your place live within the city and you have a vacant space in your own backyard you can convert into a store. If none look for a store you can lease. Read and understand all the terms and conditions provided before you sign the contract.

What products to do you specifically want to put in your store? You can consider wholesale or retail selling or you can do both all at the same time. In wholesale selling you need get in touch with as many gemstone stores for bulk orders and offer free delivery with those who live within a specific number miles away from your store. In retail selling you can offer customer as many products as possible. You can also customize gemstone jewelries to your customers. Catalogs and brochures should always be available in your store in case of customize order from your clients. Offer semi-precious and precious stones so you can cater to all kinds of clients. There are several women who like stylish accessories out of gemstones. Offer products for all generations and for all sexes.

Hire the best employees and look for the best in the business especially if you customize gemstone jewelries. Better to hire the best than be sorry for returned products due customers not satisfied with the result of their order. Take down every sale made for easy accounting and auditing purposes. Being hands on to your business is still the best.


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