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If you love photography, there are numerous ways on how you could earn money in this area. For an instance, you can become a wedding and other events photographer, sports photography, wildlife photographer and others.

In fact you can open your individual portrait studio. Mobile photography is one of the emerging businesses in the area of photography.

What is Mobile Photography?

If you have a mobile photography service, it reduces operational cost and is very efficient for customers. Primarily, mobile photography business is a brilliant option to typical studio photography. Shoots or portraits that are done on site could set the subject with no difficulty and can provide a more candid photograph; hence they are likely to be in their individual element. It is usually very convenient to have photographer that will visit the site but most of the times the only options are newborn in maternity section or soccer game of a wedding. Mobile service also completely reduces the operating expenses for the photographer because utilities and studio rent are already eliminated.

Equipment that you need:

  • Camera
  • Backdrops
  • Lighting
  • Transportation
  • Equipment bags
  • Photo manipulation software
  • Computer
  • Business cards
  • Portfolio website

Research Your Target Audience

The first thing that you need to consider when planning to start a mobile photography is to research on your audience or the probable customers that will need your services. This is important because it is your basis on how you can able to make a profitable business. For example, if you live in an area or community that loves pets, perhaps you can start a mobile photography business to cater owners to home or park settings. Demographic also plays an important consideration like if you live in areas, wherein there’s a lot elders you can set-up in-home portrait photography.

Cameras and Other Equipment

When you wanted to be successful in this field you may need to invest on a good and high-quality specialized cameras and lenses. Select a high-quality computer together with professional software for you to edit images if you are taking photos digitally. It is also nice to but portable flash equipment, light stands, lights, backdrops and step ladders or stools


Your transportation should be an SUV type with a huge trunk for you to transport all the necessary equipments. Remember to determine your maintenance of the car and miles for your income tax purposes.

License and Certificates

As you have business, it should have license to avoid problems in the future. Visit your local city hall to know how you can obtain a business license and other fees that are required for you to operate your mobile photography business in your area. This is important because your business should be legal and recognized. By this you will not have any problem running your business. It would also be nice to get insurance for your equipments. In settings like hospitals, you may need to have a permit too.

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