Mission Statement for Massage Business

A mission statement for massage business is very important portion of an effective marketing plan. It is very significant that you understand your main aim or reason for opening and running such business before you can start promoting it in the public. As a massage therapist, it is part of your mission to help clients to relax and restore to health after stressful situations or any injuries.

It is comprises of short sentences only but it summarize your major reasons for running a massage business instead of working on a certain business.

The Importance of Mission Statement

In any business or company, mission statement plays an important role. It is a set of goals, mission and concise description or information about the services offered by the business. This describes the wholeness of the company. Mission statement will be the guide for operation of a certain business entity. Clients can able to understand more about the business main mission and services offered by reading its mission statement.

  • The Mission

    The mission is the first thing that you need to think about. Basically, your mission statement must describe the whole nature of your business. It includes business name, professional credential like being a licensed massage therapist as well as the main client you wish to serve. For an instance, you may focus of a particular kind of massage therapy like deep tissue massage or aromatherapy massage.

  • The Motivation

    Next, it is a must to explain your motivation for running or managing a massage therapy business. This must be focused on healing and helping the clients to feel better and relaxed. The mission statement is one of the most important portion of marketing plan of your business, so make sure that it describes how your service will benefit the clients you serve.

  • Services

    Included in your mission statement are the services that you offer. Primarily, there are various kinds of massage that you and your staffs must be skilled and knowledgeable to perform. Even if pricing information should not be included in your mission statement, you can also use attractive words like “affordable” or “inexpensive”.

It would be best if you can include anything that separates your business from other massage business out there. As an example, if you and your staffs are trained in physical therapy, perhaps you can add services to people who suffer injuries. This separates you from other massage business out there because some of them only provide massage only.
Edit or revise your mission statement for you to be sure that it has the important information that is important. It would be best if other people in your business are involved on making effective mission statement like massage therapist or staff that will able to help add or edit information.


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